Osama Bin Laden Finally Dead

I’m so glad he died by American hands too.  Navy Seals.  Good job boys!!! 

They are considering giving him Muslim rights for his body and I say screw that!  Thousands of Americans who were killed by this man didn’t get a proper burial now did they?  Another funny thing, you don’t see any of the “so-called” pro American Muslims coming out in support.  Mmmm hmmm.  I also saw that some BBC reporter saying that it’s pretty crappy we are celebrating this man’s death.  Come again??  Really?  So did you feel the same way when we were seeing footage of middle eastern countries celebrating in the streets the day 9/11 happened?  Or how about when you Brits found out Hitler was dead?

I’m hearing reports that they gave OBL the chance to surrender and he not only refused but used a woman as a human shield.  What coward piece of shit.  Glad they killed his ass.

And let’s talk about Pakistan….  Interesting.  Oh no…. we are not hiding him.  Oh we will totally cooperate with the U.S.  Mmmm hmmm.  Funny, the U.S. didn’t include anyone in Pakistan in this mission.  They had no knowledge we were doing this and what do you know, we caught and killed his ass.  Had we informed their govt. you can bet OBL would have been tipped off and escaped.

I also don’t get the liberals.  They still seem all sour.  They should be jumping for joy over this news and yet they still bitch.  I saw tweets from them about “how they don’t feel any safer, the world is full of nutjobs”  Yes but this was a justice killing.  It was a long mission.   And it was our Hitler of today and a step in the right direction on Terrorism.  Jeez.  Then I saw a comment, “oh brother, now I’m going to see those flag lapel pins making a comeback.  Great.”  Just for that statement alone, I’m wearing mine tomorrow to work.  What is so wrong with everyone showing patriotism over this???  If you are that irked by patriotism demonstrated over a war victory then get the fuck out of America!  When WWII ended people showed the same enthusiasm .  I just don’t get it, this man murdered thousands of Americans and these people don’t care.  Of course not, because these shitheads didn’t personally lose anyone on 9/11.  It didn’t affect their own personal bubble.

Ha… they are now reporting that they have already buried OBL at sea.  That was fast as hell.  Bastard, I hope the troops pissed on him beforehand.

Kind of weird, my Birthday is the day before 9/11 and today is Rambo’s birthday – the day we got Bin Laden.  A great day indeed.  Just as President Bush said, “We’ll take him dead or alive.”  Soooo glad we took him out.  He’s dead.  He’s finally dead.

We will never forget 9/11.


2 Responses to “Osama Bin Laden Finally Dead”

  1. Dennis Says:

    When does Al Gore claim credit?

  2. cindy Says:

    Yeah, I noticed big O saying “I this” and “I that” several times during his speech.

    What people have forgotten is the military had OBL in their sights long before 9/11 and had Clinton given the go ahead back then, we probably wouldn’t have had to endure 9/11. But he told them no and went back to watching a golf tournament.

    And even b4 they announced who – I figured it was the seals. Woo hoo!!!!

    I’m with ya on that rediculous brit reporter – all that the brits suffered in WWII I can’t imagine that they weren’t dancing in the streets after Hitler was gone.

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