I Am Mr. Roarke, Your Host…

Welcome to Fantasy Island!  Good Lord, remember that show?  For some reason I thought of it when I saw this cocktail.  Haven’t posted a cocktail recipe in ages and thought I’d find something fitting for the summer season and this seemed to fit.  This one sounds yummy to me.

Island Blossom

– pre-marinate fresh fruit pieces with lime juice and Malibu passion fruit rum
– 1 part pomegranate juice
– 1 part orange juice
– 1/4 part simple syrup
– 1/2 part Soho lychee liqueur
– 2 parts Tezon Blanco tequila

Mix juices, tequila, syrup and lychee liqueur with pre-marinate fresh fruit pieces in a mixing glass. Serve in a rocks glass over ice.


I’m Looking for a Brown Knuckled Woman

For the last few years I have noticed that my knuckles or rather the skin in between each knuckle on my right hand have these dry dark patches.  I have NO idea what they are from.  It’s only on my right hand.  I noticed being out in the sun more makes them darker.  Like they tan 10 times faster than the rest of my skin.   Even Rambo noticed it when I visited because they were darker.

It makes me think I’m some weird carnival freak show or something that makes me stand out and that line from the Princess Bride comes to mind, “I’m looking for a six fingered man.”  But instead it should be, “I’m looking for a brown knuckled woman.”

What the hell is that man??????  Google was no help at all.  I do nothing with my hand that would create these dark dry patches of skin.  Nothing makes them go away either.   It’s one of those WTF mysteries of life.  Kind of like when you think you hear the phone ringing when you use a blow dryer or when you feel like an ant or mosquito is biting you but you look at your arm and NOTHING is there.  I think it’s the devil.  It’s the devil doing these WTF things. Read the rest of this entry »

Say My Name, Say My Name

So…. Rambo thinks that I should reveal his name on my blog to my readers.  What say you readers?  Do I even have any readers?

We were having a conversation one day either during or right after my visit with him and we were joking around a bit.  I told him I was going to blog about what a jerk Rambo was.  He then said, “I’m not Rambo anymore.  I’m *insert his real name here*”  I thought about this for a moment and it felt kind of weird not to think and refer to him as the nick name I gave him for my blog.  I told him I liked calling him Rambo on the blog and Twitter.  But I think he wants me to use his real name.  Because then, it’s real.  He’s no longer a guy that I’m dating in addition to the other guys I dated in the past and nick named on the blog.  He would officially be my guy.  I could be wrong as to that being the reason.

Even though I am not dating anyone outside of Rambo anymore, I still like calling him Rambo.  Plus I don’t like using real names on the blog and Twitter.  I don’t even use my own name.

What do you think?

Rambo…. Real or Fiction? The Truth Unveiled!

After weeks of crappy business travel I finally got to fly to Texas and be with my Rambo for the four day weekend.  It was fabulous and I didn’t want it to end.  He treated me so well and spoiled me a bit.  We did a few things here and there and we also just relaxed.  It was pure heaven and long, long overdue.  I also had the opportunity to meet his two beautiful daughters.

After all of my work travel mishaps and delays, of course my flight to my baby was delayed too.  On the up side I was seated in between two great ladies and we had some good chats which helped pass the time.

My baby was still in uniform when he picked me up at the airport which was nice so that he was easy to spot.  I loved how excited he was as soon as he saw me and when I reached the bottom of the escalator he grabbed me and kissed me Hollywood style. Read the rest of this entry »

Time to Catch Up In Bloggdom!

So lots to blog and catch up on since I have been so pathetic at blogging and tweeting lately.  

Here’s a preview of posts to come in no particular order…

  • Rambo…. Real or Fiction?  The Truth Unveiled
  • We’ll Call Him Mr. El Paso
  • I’m Calling This the Asshole Class
  • The Bosshole Needs Meds
  • Say My Name, Say My Name
  • A Firey Death
  • Burglary Bastadges
  • Adventures in Rambo World – (Various Chapters Inserted Here)
  • In the Words of Fezzik… EVERYBODY MOVE!
  • I’m Looking For a Brown Knuckled Woman

Hormones Are Jacked

I swear this is totally going on with me right now!