Rambo…. Real or Fiction? The Truth Unveiled!

After weeks of crappy business travel I finally got to fly to Texas and be with my Rambo for the four day weekend.  It was fabulous and I didn’t want it to end.  He treated me so well and spoiled me a bit.  We did a few things here and there and we also just relaxed.  It was pure heaven and long, long overdue.  I also had the opportunity to meet his two beautiful daughters.

After all of my work travel mishaps and delays, of course my flight to my baby was delayed too.  On the up side I was seated in between two great ladies and we had some good chats which helped pass the time.

My baby was still in uniform when he picked me up at the airport which was nice so that he was easy to spot.  I loved how excited he was as soon as he saw me and when I reached the bottom of the escalator he grabbed me and kissed me Hollywood style.

I can’t help but chuckle at the thought of Rambo in his uniform because I always think of blogger and ex-friend Vox (Bridgette) who seemed to accuse him of being a fraud and not really in the Army or a journalist.  We still always make jokes about it and how he really rented that uniform or bought it 2nd hand just to fool me.  Or how he bought a base car sticker under the table so he could drive through the gates of Ft. Hood with me.  After all, it’s all about impressing and fooling lonely women on the internet like me right?  hahahaha

I can assure everyone that Rambo is in the Army and has been for a good few years.  And yes he was a journalist both in and out of the Army.   But of course I’ve known this for over 3 years.  He is currently in the process of re-branching at this time since he has become an Officer – they don’t have officer journalists so he is forced to change his job now since OCS.

We stayed in Austin the first night and saw a bit of the city the next morning.  We walked down the famous 6th street but I kind of ruined that though.  I wore girl non-walking shoes.  Being short and out of shape doesn’t help in those kinds of shoes either.  Makes me very slow next to someone tall.  So I was a sweaty, whiney girl with blisters.  He was very understanding and nice though and if he was annoyed, he didn’t let it show.

The Rodeo was in Killeen so we went to that.  I mean what else is there to do in Killeen so I thought, why not?  It was a small one and the crowd was nice.  The constant breeze kept us cool and it was fun to see the cowboys and cowgirls do their thing.

I’ll write about more of our adventures that we had while I was there soon.


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