I’m Looking for a Brown Knuckled Woman

For the last few years I have noticed that my knuckles or rather the skin in between each knuckle on my right hand have these dry dark patches.  I have NO idea what they are from.  It’s only on my right hand.  I noticed being out in the sun more makes them darker.  Like they tan 10 times faster than the rest of my skin.   Even Rambo noticed it when I visited because they were darker.

It makes me think I’m some weird carnival freak show or something that makes me stand out and that line from the Princess Bride comes to mind, “I’m looking for a six fingered man.”  But instead it should be, “I’m looking for a brown knuckled woman.”

What the hell is that man??????  Google was no help at all.  I do nothing with my hand that would create these dark dry patches of skin.  Nothing makes them go away either.   It’s one of those WTF mysteries of life.  Kind of like when you think you hear the phone ringing when you use a blow dryer or when you feel like an ant or mosquito is biting you but you look at your arm and NOTHING is there.  I think it’s the devil.  It’s the devil doing these WTF things.

On the up side to it, I think I finally found something that works to get rid of them!!!  Get ready for the Miracle Product plug here.  I have been using this product.  I’m using it on my face.  It’s Alpha Hydroxy and the Walgreens version of it is supa cheap yo!  Only like $6 and most Alpha Hydroxy face creams and products are pricey as hell.  I had heard of this stuff in the beauty community and thought I’d give it a try for my face.

Alpha Hydroxy is a type of exfoliator that is suppose to remove dead skill cells, assist skin tone and texture, blah, blah, blah.  Sort of a miracle face cream ingredient.  Basically removing dead layers of skin cells so the newer, fresher skin underneath comes through.  Kind of like the effects of getting a professional chemical peel but this has a small concentration. 

I have been using it on my face by putting it on at night before bed.  I have noticed my skin does look a little better and I notice it seems to heal my acne faster, which I love because my acne normally takes for.ev.er to go away no matter what I use.

So for the last two weeks I decided to try it on my brown knuckles.  And ya know what?  They are going away!  I’ve had these damn things for a few years and tried various lotions, vitamin E oil (which is awesome too), using loofas and so on with no results.  Now alpha hydroxy is doing the trick.  I seriously wish I had taken some before and after pictures.  There are two spots still showing a bit but they are slowly fading away.  Yay!   I also noticed it healed up my cat scratches on that same hand faster too.  I’m wondering now how it would work on calluses.  Hmmmm…

Thank gawd because I mean, who wants to date a woman with brown knuckles?  Take that Devil!

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