Say My Name, Say My Name

So…. Rambo thinks that I should reveal his name on my blog to my readers.  What say you readers?  Do I even have any readers?

We were having a conversation one day either during or right after my visit with him and we were joking around a bit.  I told him I was going to blog about what a jerk Rambo was.  He then said, “I’m not Rambo anymore.  I’m *insert his real name here*”  I thought about this for a moment and it felt kind of weird not to think and refer to him as the nick name I gave him for my blog.  I told him I liked calling him Rambo on the blog and Twitter.  But I think he wants me to use his real name.  Because then, it’s real.  He’s no longer a guy that I’m dating in addition to the other guys I dated in the past and nick named on the blog.  He would officially be my guy.  I could be wrong as to that being the reason.

Even though I am not dating anyone outside of Rambo anymore, I still like calling him Rambo.  Plus I don’t like using real names on the blog and Twitter.  I don’t even use my own name.

What do you think?


4 Responses to “Say My Name, Say My Name”

  1. Chad Says:

    Oh if you do change, just use his first name.

  2. Cherry Bomb Says:

    I already know it…… 🙂 this is your friend on Mars….. (Iowa) I’m going to try blogging one more time. I added your blog to my blogroll……

  3. grumpybunny Says:

    I llike using the nicknames. That was part of the fun when I blogged!

  4. Martini Girl Says:

    @Chad – yeah it would be his first name. But I’m thinking I’ll keep him as Rambo for now.
    @Barbie – yay! I would love to read your blog. Looks like the name is no longer available when I click on your name link though.
    @Cindy – I agree!

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