Get the Fuck On With It!

So I’m late.  Yeah that late.  But oh my body and mind has made damn sure that I need to feel the PMS good and fucking hard before Aunt Flo actually arrives!!!

I have never been so pissed off and upset in all my life.  Crying and snapping and ready to go into a rage like you wouldn’t believe.  All week and today especially.  I’ve cried and snapped all day.

My hormones are all out of whack and beyond my control.  You men think we are phycho well you have no idea how this feels.  Man.  It’s driving me insane.  All kinds of bullshit happening on top of it is not a good recipe.  Ever throw gasoline on a fire?

Not to mention feet and ankles swollen, cramps, I have chills but heat is coming off of my body like I have a fever.  I have even been getting dizzy spells and have NEVER had that symptom before yet… still no aunt flo.  That bitch needs to get here and get the fuck on with it!

On top of that I cannot find my Pamprin.  I am ready to fucking lose it I swear to god.


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