Another Reason I Hate Technology

We all know I HATE cell phones and didn’t have one till March of this year courtesy of the boyfriend.

Of course this has come in handy in communicating with him and I have liked that.  And yes, I have very much appreciated his gift.

But this thing isn’t even a year old and already the damn touch screen is failing.  I can’t do jack
on my phone, including answering the damn thing!!   No I have not dropped it, slammed it nor spilled anything on it or left it in the heat.  Nothing.

I’ll have to wait till my guy gets to Afg. And then bug him for the account info and see if there is warranty.  *sigh*  Really Sprint??  Really?


One Response to “Another Reason I Hate Technology”

  1. grumpybunny Says:

    Earlier this year my screen stopped working too. The phone would ring but like you said, couldn’t answer. Because i’d had trouble with my PDA years before, we were smart enuf to get the warranty. Verizon – they overnighted the new phone, I just had to put in my current battery. Good luck, chica!

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