A Real Pain in the Neck

After 3 days of training sales people I went to my desk when it was over and after about an hour of just sitting and doing email, I suddenly got a very sore and stiff neck.  I mean really sore!  Like all of the sudden too.  What the hell would cause that?  I did no sudden movements or anything
strenuous all day.  Nothing.  Didn’t sleep funny and even if I did, I would have woke up stiff.  This is crazy.  I took some Excedrin and put on some icy hot.  None of it has worked!!!!  Not one dent of an impact!  What the hell?????


One Response to “A Real Pain in the Neck”

  1. Chad Says:

    You said it in the first sentence. Dealing with sales people… It’s a pain in the neck!

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