Follow Through!

Lack of follow through is  probably one of my biggest pet peeves around.   I swear nothing boils my blood more than someone saying they are going  to do something and then not doing it.   Man it makes me want to punch you in the face!

So my tree in the front yard has grown out of control.  I mean this thing grows like a weed in the summer and it’s not a normal tree that grows “up.”  It grows “out” and every which way.  So it’s blocking my dish and it’s touching my roof, the neighbor’s roof and even curving downward and touching the ground.  I hate these damn desert trees!  So of course my HOA is having fits about it
with letters and now they have fined me.  Well this costs a lot of money to try and fix.

I call a guy who by the way, left his card in my front door just a last week for his tree and yard
service.  So this guy came by seeking to provide his services.  I call, he comes by, he gives me an estimate for the tree as well as the yard and we agree on a time and day.  So of course true to
fucking form of you people with your own bullshit businesses like this, he doesn’t show.  He doesn’t call.   And the coward doesn’t pick up the phone when I call him.  I left two messages and
nothing.  Thanks fuck face.

You know something… if you don’t have the room on your schedule or you think the job is too big for you, THEN DON’T AGREE TO THE JOB IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!  What a concept eh????

So now I have wasted my time and energy and now have to call and schedule someone else to come out to even look at it and then give me an estimate and then schedule time to do it, etc.  Once again pushing this out further and further for the HOA to fine me again.  Man…. If you can’t do something or you don’t want to do something then say so!  Over the years I have had this
problem with yard work people.


6 Responses to “Follow Through!”

  1. grumpybunny Says:

    Someone has a birthday coming up and the package has been sent!

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    hmmmm… interesting because i got a package today. But I don’t know if it’s from you or Rambo? I should find out in a few min when he comes on line.

  3. grumpybunny Says:

    Ours should be there tomorrow…

  4. Martini Girl Says:

    Cindy I got your package the other day. I was going to email you but I don’t have your address anymore – my computer crashed a few months ago along with everything I had in my address book. I LOVE my gifts. You spoil me with such great things and I have to say I am loving the Tarte brand VERY much. I just recently started using the mascarra from your other kit and OMG I love it! Thank you both so very much. It made my week.

  5. grumpybunny Says:

    GF – I’ve been meaning to call you and things have been crazy. I’m right now at the vet’s as D was supposed to take his dog but of course got delayed at work…

  6. Martini Girl Says:

    No worries GB! Call when you can and I’ll get your number and email again since I lost it all in my old computer. Again thank you so much for the gifts. I LOVE them!

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