Cure For Cat Mats?

I went cheap one day and bought a low-cost never heard of crap brand of cat food.  I have been feeding my cat the stuff probably around two months.  Well one day, I suddenly noticed she had a bunch of nasty fur mats on both of her sides.  Ugh.  These were big nasty ones too.

Now my cat is long hair so from time to time she’ll get one here and there and I can usually cut them out.  I don’t brush her on a regular basis like I am supposed to.  My bad.  But I never have seen matting on her like this.  My guess was the cheap food that was contributing.  That’s what I get for being cheap.

So of course I immediately switched back to IAMS brand.  The problem though is those mats.  I can barely touch them without her biting at me.  I’m guessing they hurt.  I can’t cut them out, they are too close to the skin and she won’t let me near em.  No way brushing will help.

Lola is NOT keen on groomers or vets either.  Plus I really don’t have money for them to do it.  Then I found one little forum that suggested putting oil on them and how that works.  They were swearing by it.

I decided to use olive oil.  Sure enough, two days later I found one mat on the floor and the other three got loose enough away from the skin for me to cut them out.  The oil makes the cat lick and pull at the mats quite a bit, so eventually they pull them out themselves.  She still has quite a few left so now I have to oil those.

The downside of course is now her fur is greasy as hell!  I just know she will NOT want me to bathe her.  I’ll have to cross that bridge later, right now I need to get the rest of her big nasty mats out.  At least I found something that works.


Connection, No Connection… Long Live King George!

A few co-workers and I were talking about this weird story about two people being found at Luke Air Force Base – just 15 min from my house.  The one co-worker was also saying they closed the base in Tucson too but then the other co-worker was saying that one had nothing to do with the other and the news station was just reaching for a connection.

Now of course this news is shocking and I do take it seriously but the conversation did get funny and I had to share it.

Her:  Did you hear about these two people that got killed on Luke AFB?

Me:  How did they die?  What happened?

Her:  They were shot.

Him:  No, I think they were stabbed.

Me:  They were stabbed then shot… with bayonets!

All:  *laughter*

Him:  *in a strong English Accent*  long live King George!!  *makes stabbing motions with pretend bayonet*

All:  *laughter*

Supervisor Who Enters Our Convo:  What happened?

Him:  Two people on Luke AFB were killed.

Supervisor:  How were they killed?

Him:  They were stabbed with guns.

Supervisor:  What?

All:  *hard laughter*

Maybe you had to be there.  But it was funny as shit.