Connection, No Connection… Long Live King George!

A few co-workers and I were talking about this weird story about two people being found at Luke Air Force Base – just 15 min from my house.  The one co-worker was also saying they closed the base in Tucson too but then the other co-worker was saying that one had nothing to do with the other and the news station was just reaching for a connection.

Now of course this news is shocking and I do take it seriously but the conversation did get funny and I had to share it.

Her:  Did you hear about these two people that got killed on Luke AFB?

Me:  How did they die?  What happened?

Her:  They were shot.

Him:  No, I think they were stabbed.

Me:  They were stabbed then shot… with bayonets!

All:  *laughter*

Him:  *in a strong English Accent*  long live King George!!  *makes stabbing motions with pretend bayonet*

All:  *laughter*

Supervisor Who Enters Our Convo:  What happened?

Him:  Two people on Luke AFB were killed.

Supervisor:  How were they killed?

Him:  They were stabbed with guns.

Supervisor:  What?

All:  *hard laughter*

Maybe you had to be there.  But it was funny as shit.


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