Jackasses At Work

So today we had a company potluck.  I brought in my crockpot with cocktail meatballs.  I plugged it in at 8:00 am and turned it on high.  I put a sign on it saying this wouldn’t be ready till 12:00 pm and please don’t remove the cover.  So 11:35 am I go in to give my crock a stir and what do I see?  A third of the meatballs are already gone and not only that, the god damned cover was open a crack because someone took a ladel and left it in the crock so it was holding it open.  On top of that, they used another person’s ladel and my big serving spoon was in the crockpot next to mine with mac and cheese.  What a bunch of fucktards.  Do you assholes not know how to read???  Thanks for not letting the food finish cooking.  Thanks for letting all the heat out on top of that.  And thanks for mixing the serving spoons.  Douchebags.


Happy Halloween

I adore this picture.

Greed + Bad Economy = Sucking Ass in a Major Way

 One of my really good friends that worked with me at the company where we all got laid off right before the economy exploded just got laid off again. By the same douchebag company too. We worked for a company who was bought by our competitor and of course got rid of all the duplication including my whole department. Those of you who know me or who read this blog often know the long and shitty journey I had to endure in being unemployed for two and a half years. The economy was so bad and still is. This friend, he was unemployed longer. I think for about 3 to 3 and a half years. He lost his little condo, his car, went into debt and could not find work other than seasonal.

He finally got a job with our old boss recruiting him to yet another competitor company in the same industry doing what he did before. He even relocated to upstate NY to do it. Now, just under 6 months at his new job, the same douche bag company came along and bought them! He got his transitional letter today saying they will lay him off in 90 days. Happy Holidays.

I really feel for him. This sucks in such a major way. I hate seeing him of all people go through this yet again.

I hate this company. All they know how to do is buy their competitors, steal all of their clients and steal all of the ideas and products. No, they can’t learn to be creative and build their own shit and make themselves better in the industry. They steal from other innovative companies that do. On top of that, they contribute to making the economy and unemployment worse in already bad times. Not to mention, they outsource jobs too.  Complete douchebags.

They are almost the monopoly in this industry now. Not good. That means they can jack up prices on business for their services and without any competition, no one can choose to go elsewhere. Creates higher prices on companies and then causing them to make cuts and lay people off and so on.

I’m all about people and companies being successful in this country. I understand it’s about profits and I do understand companies need to budget and cut sometimes.  But it’s this kind of corporate laziness, greed and selfishness to the point of overboard that disgusts me. If they were building something, creating something, and providing jobs instead of continuing to take them, I’d feel differently of course. They do this over and over and over as long as they have been around.

We need more Steve Jobs out there. This guy created and contributed, making his industry better and better. That’s how you stay on top. That’s how you stay competitive. It also drives the competition to become better and better too. It creates more revenue, more innovation and more jobs. It makes us ALL stronger and better.

Master and Commander

One of my surprise favorite movies is on.  Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.  I say surprise because when I went to go see this movie when it originally came out in the theatre I thought I was going to be bored.  But I wasn’t and was quite surprised at how good it was.  Russel Crowe is always good of course and he was believable as the Commander. 

It does have a bit of nice humor to it as well.  One of my favorite lines by Crowe, “Name a shrub after me.  Something prickly and hard to eradicate.”  This was in response to his good friend the doctor being extremely thankful for letting them stay on the island so he could discover bugs, animals and plants.

If you can’t decide what to order on Netflix I would suggest this one.  Action, suspense, humor and good dialog.

What’s New CopyCat?

I’m loving Pinterest so much!  I love all the sharing and photos and tips and on and on. 

One lady started following me so I followed her back.  We re-pinned from each other a bit.  Then the next day this woman totally copied like three of my boards and then took just almost all the pins I had on each for them. 

I mean…. we all re-pin from each other and we all get ideas for boards from each other… but come on man…. you have to take that many pins I had on my board and then create the same exact boards?  Seriously?

I know it’s sort of grade school and silly for me to be peeved but…  Guess I should be flattered.

And in Rich and Shameless News….

Saw this on Twitter and had to share.

Alec Baldwin got $1 million from Capital One to do their commercials, then he joined #occupywallstreet to protest Wall Street and big banks.

Gimme Gimme Wah Wah

You know, I have gone through some really hard times.  My friends have gone through them too.  All because of the economy exploding at the this time in 2007.  I won’t lie, it was HARD and it’s still hard today.  Myself and the friends are still going through it and scratching to get by. 

But these people, these people… they all expect everything for free.  That they all should have 300k homes and cars and boats and medical care and free college and food and clothes and not have to work their way up the ladder and so on and so on.  They cry the flipping blues that they have to pay for medical and their school and how they can’t get food stamps for cat food and on and on.  So who are they blaming?  Wall Street corporations.  Those very same corporations that supplied the computers and cameras they all seem to have to post their bullshit. 

I just don’t get it.  America is about working for what you want.  These things they are all demanding, they are NOT RIGHTS!  In this country you have the right to PURSUE happiness.  You don’t get it by asking for it!

Read this site and it will make you sick.  Then go and read this blogger who has some humorous rebuttals to them.