My New Online Crack

So my gurl was talking on the Facebook about something she just started doing and got addicted to.  So I decided to check out what she was talking about.  Some site called pinterest.  Have you heard of this?  Well as soon as I saw how this thing works I was INSTANTLY addicted too!

It’s a site where you set up various “boards” on any topic you want and then you add various pictures to each of the boards.  It’s sort of like virtual/visual bulletin boards or scrapbooking or just picture collecting or picture blogging.  Any of those fit the bill.

So let’s say you are interested in sports, you can make a board called Sports and then you “pin” photos you see online that are sports related that you like and they go into that board.  You can add your comments to each photo and others can like the photo, leave comments or “re-pin” the photo on one of their boards.  Make as many boards and pins as you want.

I’m a very visual person and it’s funny because lately I had been searching for certain pictures both online and in magazines to create some collages I had in mind for my house. And if anyone knows me well, they know that I also love themes and creating themes. I had also been searching for do it yourself decorating projects and organization ideas. I was making favorites lists and folders and such. So when I saw this, I knew it was right up my alley!!! I love the visual-ness of it. It puts all that in one place for me easily! You like a picture of a project, then just pin it and it saves the page by linking it automatically to the picture you just put on your board. Genius. I also LOVE how they make the boards look on your main page with little thumbnails of your pins (pictures). Again, I love the visual concept this has!

I even love that I was able to create dream boards for things I want to do. I made one titled “Sailing & Beach House Dreams” where I can put tons of visuals of beach houses I’d like, my desire to learn to sail, the beachy towns I’d love to live in, nautical decor, etc. etc. I love it. Again, I LOVE theming things!  This would be great for setting goals and you are a visual person.

You can plan goals, weddings, vacations, how you want to decorate your house, your hobbies, collect reciepes, art…. it’s limitless.  It’s also suggested you add a universal pin it button to your favorites toolbar so when you are surfing the web, you can instantly pin the images to your boards.  You can follow others and they you.  You can use your twitter or Facebook logins to get started and even search for friends on pinterest.   The only thing about getting started is you have to apply for an invite.  Or you can have a friend send you an invite, which I think is faster.

In less than 24 hours I already have 10 boards and 274 pins.  Can you say obsession?  Once these people become publically traded I’m going to buy stock.  Check out my boards and follow me!  Let me know if you want an invite, just give me your email address.


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