Gimme Gimme Wah Wah

You know, I have gone through some really hard times.  My friends have gone through them too.  All because of the economy exploding at the this time in 2007.  I won’t lie, it was HARD and it’s still hard today.  Myself and the friends are still going through it and scratching to get by. 

But these people, these people… they all expect everything for free.  That they all should have 300k homes and cars and boats and medical care and free college and food and clothes and not have to work their way up the ladder and so on and so on.  They cry the flipping blues that they have to pay for medical and their school and how they can’t get food stamps for cat food and on and on.  So who are they blaming?  Wall Street corporations.  Those very same corporations that supplied the computers and cameras they all seem to have to post their bullshit. 

I just don’t get it.  America is about working for what you want.  These things they are all demanding, they are NOT RIGHTS!  In this country you have the right to PURSUE happiness.  You don’t get it by asking for it!

Read this site and it will make you sick.  Then go and read this blogger who has some humorous rebuttals to them.


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