Oh Those E-Veil Corporations!

I saw this on John’s Facebook page and had to repost it here.  This picture is priceless with the comments.

Can you believe these idiots???  Ronald Reagan would be disgusted.  I saw Fox news reporter interviewing these jackasses and none of them knew what the hell they were talking about.  They all had all these random ass causes.  “Hey let’s quit our jobs and go down and join the other hippie deadbeats and make signs and chant things and dirty up the streets with urine and trash.  Down with the rich!  Down with the evil corporations!  Down with inventions and growth!  Down with jobs!  Down with Fox!  Down with the USA!  Pass the blunt and the patchouli!” 

When asked if a CEO would come down and offer these unemployed losers a job would they take it.  Of course they said no.  Because yeah, being unemployed is better than working for the man in the bad evil USA of capitalism.  Nevermind all the shit you use and buy on a daily basis was all created by capitalism.  Nevermind that YOU CHOOSE to live in the USA.  What a bunch of hypocrites.  And these are the losers who say Tea Party people are douchebags for not wanting to be taxed to hell and back?  Really?


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