Jackasses At Work

So today we had a company potluck.  I brought in my crockpot with cocktail meatballs.  I plugged it in at 8:00 am and turned it on high.  I put a sign on it saying this wouldn’t be ready till 12:00 pm and please don’t remove the cover.  So 11:35 am I go in to give my crock a stir and what do I see?  A third of the meatballs are already gone and not only that, the god damned cover was open a crack because someone took a ladel and left it in the crock so it was holding it open.  On top of that, they used another person’s ladel and my big serving spoon was in the crockpot next to mine with mac and cheese.  What a bunch of fucktards.  Do you assholes not know how to read???  Thanks for not letting the food finish cooking.  Thanks for letting all the heat out on top of that.  And thanks for mixing the serving spoons.  Douchebags.


2 Responses to “Jackasses At Work”

  1. Dennis K Says:

    Next time, put out a large empty bowl with a sign that says: Please take only one so everyone can enjoy.

    Everyone will think some SOB took ’em all and they can all speculate over who the a$$hole is.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    Too funny Dennis!

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