Nothing But Lies

I watched the President’s State of the Union speech last night.  I honestly felt really ill and very angry.  I was really hoping he’d say something different and something to hope for.  I don’t know why I expected that.  I guess I like to give people the benefit of a doubt.  Or maybe I’m a gluten for punishment.  I think I’m going to have to do the same as Dennis Miller now.  He stated tonight he didn’t watch it because he knew it would all be the same bull as always and nothing different, so why watch.  He was right.

I seriously couldn’t believe how much Obama was lying.  It was all the same old garbage that he and his speech writers continue to regurgitate.   When you look at his actions and statistics, it’s the opposite of what he was saying.  Here are the facts…. cost of living has gone up, gas prices have gone way up, unemployment has gone up, debt has gone up, spending has gone up, medical insurance has gone up, more people on food stamps then ever before… do I need to list more?  This all has happened in the 3 years he has taken office.

Again he had to blame Bush in his speech.  Three years later and were back to that?  Really Mr. President?  It will be interesting to see the next President…. can he blame your ass for his entire term too?  Obama would never sit quiet on that, he’d be on Oprah and the View every five min. to defend himself.  The guy has a very thin skin.  Perfect example was his visit to my state today.  He gave our Governor a cold snub today when she greeted him and invited him to the border.  In her interview later this evening, she said he was all pissy with her because she didn’t paint a flattering picture of him in her book.  What a cry baby!!!  You took this job sir, and to be butt hurt over that is just laughable.  Look at what Bush went through or Sarah Palin had to endure.  They went through way WAY worse.  Obama needs to put on his big boy pants and take the pacifier out of his mouth and grow the hell up.

His continued class warfare makes me more and more angry.  Saying that millionaires need to be taxed more and that they are paying less taxes than the average American is a flat-out fucking lie.  Millionaires are paying like what…. 70% of the damn federal tax in this country?  He fails to tell the American public he is referring to the taxes on INVESTMENTS.  Different than regular income.  These taxes are supposed to be lower so that it encourages more people to invest which HELPS THE ECONOMY.  We are supposed to be encouraging the less fortunate to stand up on their own and better their lives.  Not cripple everyone else to give them crumbs.  This makes everyone poorer!!!

That also brings me to the whole outsorcing thing.  Businesses go overseas with our jobs because we tax the hell out of them here in the United States!  This is why they outsource.  He tries to say that they get tax breaks for doing it… uh no…. it’s us taxing the heck out of them here!!!

We have nothing but a man with no experience in managing ANYTHING and doesn’t know what he is doing.  On top of that he is so full of ego.

I stumbled upon this video and found it very interesting.  Check it out.  It calls out many of his lies.


Captain America Strikes Again

What part of me ignoring you don’t you understand?  This jerk contacted me yet again.  He reaches out to me on LinkedIn (a career networking site) again.  His lovely message said;

“Just accept already, it won’t kill you.”

Mmm… how can I resist such a heartfelt invitation?  Because he’s asking so nice.  How about starting with an apology from the crappy way you treated me?  How about starting there?

I think he is divorced now.  No big surprise to me there because I’m sure he’s still an asshole thinking he’s God’s gift.  I just don’t get it.  Why does he give a shit I’m connected with him on that site or FB?  There is no benefit.

I’m tempted to respond and tell him to kiss off since he seems to be so dense.  But I really don’t want to.  Ignoring him for the fourth time now should be enough of hint.  I REALLY HATE seeing his name come up in my Inbox.   Man…. seriously leave me alone!