Captain America Strikes Again

What part of me ignoring you don’t you understand?  This jerk contacted me yet again.  He reaches out to me on LinkedIn (a career networking site) again.  His lovely message said;

“Just accept already, it won’t kill you.”

Mmm… how can I resist such a heartfelt invitation?  Because he’s asking so nice.  How about starting with an apology from the crappy way you treated me?  How about starting there?

I think he is divorced now.  No big surprise to me there because I’m sure he’s still an asshole thinking he’s God’s gift.  I just don’t get it.  Why does he give a shit I’m connected with him on that site or FB?  There is no benefit.

I’m tempted to respond and tell him to kiss off since he seems to be so dense.  But I really don’t want to.  Ignoring him for the fourth time now should be enough of hint.  I REALLY HATE seeing his name come up in my Inbox.   Man…. seriously leave me alone!


2 Responses to “Captain America Strikes Again”

  1. Dennis Says:

    Don’t encourage the bastard. Valentine’s Day is only a month away. He’ll use it as a chance or an excuse to take it further. Just say no!

  2. Jeff Risk Says:

    I’m happy to say there is absolutely no chance of this occurring. This wonderful woman is mine.

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