Facebook – Friend or Foe?

I still have mixed feelings about FB.  I still really don’t care for it yet I have given it a fair chance.  Been adding people I know currently and in the past.  From jobs and now have been adding relatives.  I still like Twitter and blogging much, much better.  Yes FB can help you connect but I still hate all the bragging and nosiness it reeks of.

One thing in particular has been bothering me lately.  Seeing everyone with their kids.  I can’t help but feel sad every time I see one of my friends with a new baby or showing pictures of the kiddies in their accomplishments or cute swimsuits.  Of course I’m very happy for them, don’t get me wrong.  It’s just more reminders that I am turning another year older in just a little over a month and still childless.  I never married and so time is ticking away and I get this really heavy sinking feeling that I’m going to be denied the chance to be a mother at this point.  Birth is a miracle I’m not going to experience along with little arms reaching around my neck for a hug or an I love you mommy whispered in my ear.  I won’t have someone to help grow up and shape into a great human being to cheer them on in their accomplishments and comfort them in their woes.

It makes having FB hard to look at sometimes because everyone I know has kids.  Everyone.  Every single person I know.  It hurts knowing that I may not even get the opportunity.  If given the opportunity today, am I too old at this point?  Is it too late for me?  It makes me ask, if I don’t get to have children then what do I get in return?


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