As The World Burns… Obama Skips Intelligence Brief to Campaign

The day after the attacks and murders on our embassies, not only does Barry head to Las Vegas to campaign, but he skipped his intelligence brief.  A President skipping an intelligence brief meeting the day after a terrorist attack?  Who does this???  This man cares for nothing but himself.  He is a complete buffoon.  Here is a snippit from a really great and well written article from the Washington Post.

According to the public schedule of the president, the last time the Obama attended his daily intelligence meeting was Sept. 5 — a week before Islamist radicals stormed our embassy in Cairo and terrorists killed our ambassador to Tripoli. The president was scheduled to hold the intelligence meeting at 10:50 a.m. Wednesday, the day after the attacks, but it was canceled so that he could comfort grieving employees at the State Department — as well he should. But instead of rescheduling the intelligence briefing for later in the day, Obama apparently chose to skip it altogether and attend a Las Vegas fundraiser for his re-election campaign. One day after a terrorist attack.

America Should Be Outraged

Our embassies attacked on the 9/11 anniversary. I ask this, how in the hell can we not up our security on our embassies in these countries on the 9/11 anniversary? How can we have not protected them when we had warning? How can we apologize for America’s freedom of speech instead of defending it? We are now apologizing for “hurting feelings” on religion?? So we defend the “religion of peace” who by the way HATE us and want us all dead, yet it’s ok for people to say worse things about Mormons and Christians in this country? Why do people never ever utter the words “War on Terror” yet they can say there is a “War on Women?” War on women? Really? Attacking embassies and killing people is an act of war! Yet our President comes across with a ho-hum attitude earlier today and decides to fly off to Las Vegas to campaign anyway. American citizens whom we are supposed to protect were brutally killed, the unemployment rate still above 8% and trillions in debt, yet we must talk about women whining for me to pay for their abortions and birth control and removing don’t ask don’t tell from the military. I hardly think these are more important issues than what is really going on in the country right now don’t you think? This is outrageous.

Chicken Avacado Pasta Salad

Today I made a yummy chicken pasta salad made from leftover chicken.  I don’t really have exact measurements because I just eyeball everything, especially when just cooking for one all the time.  It was pretty tasty and healthy (except for mayo).

I cooked up cork screw pasta and used the veggie multi color kind.  I used a baked skinless chicken breast left over from my dinner last night and just cut up into bite sized pieces.  Chopped up onions, some grated carrots, 1 chopped up avocado, mayo, jalapeno flavored mustard (probably about a tbsp) and some salt and pepper and mixed.  I folded in the avocado last as it can get creamy and change your salad color to green and wanted to avoid that.

Filling and tasty.

What’s Next?

Just got an email from my mom saying they are going to Vegas.  They leave Monday, the day of my birthday.  I think this is the 2nd year in a row they have gone to Vegas on my birthday.  I hate to sound selfish but it bothers me.  Especially now.  Just seems to be the icing on the cake these days.  Why does it seem every year for the last few years my birthday has been depressing?  I am seriously getting to the point where I really can’t stand my birthday.

*UPDATE:  My parents didn’t go to Vegas after all because I misread the email.  I’m a big baby!