What’s Really Offensive Here?

I find it pretty rich that the democratic party finds the word “binders” is offensive to women when they put out ads that pander to women and sexualize the voting process.  Really dems?  What a great example for young girls, how proud you must be.

Yes, I get that the ad is meant to be hip and funny but seriously… you find the term “binders” offensive yet you put out ads like this?

I love that we are focusing on these oh so important topics critical to the country like paying for slutty women’s birth control with my tax dollars.

Meanwhile in unreported news for unimportant topics for the country…..

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Famous Support for Romney

Here is a list of some famous people supporting Mitt Romney.  They are actors, singers, comedians, TV hosts, pro sports, olympians and team owners.

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I’m Not the Average Girlfriend

A couple of months ago I had a texting conversation with my Rambo.  I kept meaning to post it but weeks of work travel took up my focus.

Rambo:  I registered to vote today.

Me:  You did?

Rambo:  Yeah I needed to get that done so I could vote in Texas now.

Me:  That’s hot.  You are turning me on.

The Crowds Getting Bigger

Capping a day of rallies in Florida, Mitt Romney attracted one of the biggest crowds of his campaign Saturday night in Land O’ Lakes, Fla., speaking before an estimated 15,000 people.  Nice.

Dear Media, SHAME on You!

I cannot believe in this day and age that the news has become so in the tank for the left as to not report important world news in the way that they have over this Benghazi mess.  I know that a majority of the media and reporters are left leaning and always have been, but this is absolutely ridiculous!  It’s an outrage.  This is the biggest political scandals we have seen for something like this.  Watergate and the Iran Contra scandals are nothing compared to this.  And even with both of those scandals both Presidents took responsibility and no one died.  This is a major cover up and people were brutally murdered.  If it’s not a cover up then it is proof of the biggest incompetent and uncaring American President ever.  The American public (as well as the rest of the world) need to know the truth and before election day, not after.

Take a look at how it wasn’t even mentioned (aside from Fox News) by any of the Sunday news shows EXCEPT when Conservative guests brought up the subject.

Also SooperMexican, a person I have followed on Twitter for some time writes an interesting post at how Twitter can make the difference in making sure the hard questions are asked, including one he himself submitted to a local news station reporter who asked for questions to ask the President.  Hats off to that reporter for actually asking the tough questions.  But of course our Failure in Chief avoids real answers on the death of those Americans and what was and was not done.

Give these folks a call and demand coverage and truth and to prove themselves credible by reporting Benghazi.

NBC Phone: (212) 664-3720

ABC Phone: (212) 456-7777

CBS Phone: (212) 975-3247

Ronald Reagan Summed Up Joe Biden in One, True Line

That Ronald Reagan had talents and they didn’t call him the great communicator for nothing.  One of his talents was that he had very, very good instincts.  He called things as he saw them.

This was a very interesting piece.  Give it a read.

The Devil – Chapter 92 – Hotels

The devil lives in aging hotels to make life hell.  Been having to do business travel for 6 weeks straight.  If that isn’t bad enough along with the pains I have to go through just to get one damn state over, I have to stay in the same boring ass, overpriced, aging hotel where the devil lives.  I say the devil lives here because no matter what room you stay in, there is always something jacked up.  There is never a perfect room.  Not only that but the things that are jacked up… it’s some sort of evil tampering with things enough to be not only annoying but kind of spooky too.

Room 1 – Every damn 3 way lamp in the room flickers and when you think you have turned the lamp off, it comes back on.  I swear every lamp in this one room did that.  I stayed in this room two weeks straight.

Room 2 – Every time I took a shower, the pipes behind the wall howled and squeaked.  Seriously?

Room 3 – Every time I turned on the TV the CC (closed captioning) would automatically be on.  I would go to the menu and turn it off.  This usually took 4 steps in the damn menu.  I would think they were shut off but no… the next day I would turn on the TV and there was the CC all over again.  Every time.

Room 4 – Every time I flush the toilet it makes a howling sound.  I’m not kidding.  I’m in this room now.  Can’t wait to see what is next week.

What is even more strange is I did get some nice Karma last week but it still very mysterious.  The 2nd day I came to my room to find a chilled bottle of Champaign and a plate of chocolate covered strawberries.  I call the front desk to see if someone is missing this nice gesture because obviously I didn’t request it.  They have no idea and are scratching their heads.  So, they tell me to enjoy it and I won’t be charged.  The 3rd night I get to my room and there is another bottle of chilled Champaign and plate of chocolate covered strawberries.  I call again.  Again they have no answer and to enjoy them at no charge.  I did get in touch with our contact who books the rooms for us at our company and he has no answer either.  It stopped after that.  I still think it’s the Devil playing tricks.

This is in a Hilton.