The Devil – Chapter 92 – Hotels

The devil lives in aging hotels to make life hell.  Been having to do business travel for 6 weeks straight.  If that isn’t bad enough along with the pains I have to go through just to get one damn state over, I have to stay in the same boring ass, overpriced, aging hotel where the devil lives.  I say the devil lives here because no matter what room you stay in, there is always something jacked up.  There is never a perfect room.  Not only that but the things that are jacked up… it’s some sort of evil tampering with things enough to be not only annoying but kind of spooky too.

Room 1 – Every damn 3 way lamp in the room flickers and when you think you have turned the lamp off, it comes back on.  I swear every lamp in this one room did that.  I stayed in this room two weeks straight.

Room 2 – Every time I took a shower, the pipes behind the wall howled and squeaked.  Seriously?

Room 3 – Every time I turned on the TV the CC (closed captioning) would automatically be on.  I would go to the menu and turn it off.  This usually took 4 steps in the damn menu.  I would think they were shut off but no… the next day I would turn on the TV and there was the CC all over again.  Every time.

Room 4 – Every time I flush the toilet it makes a howling sound.  I’m not kidding.  I’m in this room now.  Can’t wait to see what is next week.

What is even more strange is I did get some nice Karma last week but it still very mysterious.  The 2nd day I came to my room to find a chilled bottle of Champaign and a plate of chocolate covered strawberries.  I call the front desk to see if someone is missing this nice gesture because obviously I didn’t request it.  They have no idea and are scratching their heads.  So, they tell me to enjoy it and I won’t be charged.  The 3rd night I get to my room and there is another bottle of chilled Champaign and plate of chocolate covered strawberries.  I call again.  Again they have no answer and to enjoy them at no charge.  I did get in touch with our contact who books the rooms for us at our company and he has no answer either.  It stopped after that.  I still think it’s the Devil playing tricks.

This is in a Hilton.


One Response to “The Devil – Chapter 92 – Hotels”

  1. Cindy Says:

    did Rambo know where you were? 🙂 Crazy travel – at least you get to travel. Me, nope. Not even to a local conference to a professional organization that is being held HERE – so no hotel, car, air, food. It will never again be here as long as I’m alive.

    I’m up for a different job but I believe the hiring manager want to go with the other guy. But numerous people have come out of the wood work telling him to choose me and not the guy. I know because they’ve also been telling me that they’ve told the hiring manager that. It’s been almost a month since the first interview and a week since the second interview. My manager, for once in my life, is not standing in my way to move up and on. But I almost wish he would. Another guy that now reports to the one I would be reporting to is fond of saying how he has to “manage up” – meaning he basically has to manage his manager. the real problem would be that my competition would then report to me…ugh.

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