Why Do People Have to Touch Everything?

This is going to make me sound like a mean spoiled beeyach but I don’t care.

When you look at someone’s engagement ring, don’t touch it.  Don’t touch the diamond, or the setting prongs, or run your fingertips across the tiny diamonds in the band or ANY part of it.

How about don’t touch it?  Did I say don’t touch it?  DON’T TOUCH IT.

Fingers are oily and dirty ok.  I don’t want any of that or your fingerprints on my nice, new, freshly cleaned ring thank you.  Even I don’t touch those parts of my own ring.  I know that sounds picky but do you really need to touch everything people?  Yes it’s real and touching it doesn’t make it anymore real than it is.  You don’t need to touch it, just look at it.