This Little Piggy Went on a Jeep Tour

I finally got the pictures up from when Rambo came to visit.  I had most of these on facebook but I added a few more here on my flickr account.



Just Your Typical Local News

So I don’t really watch the local news much as most of it is really a bunch of garbage.  I focus more on the national news.  But tonight I had it on and these were just some of the stories….

1)       Car on fire in a grocery store parking lot.  Nothing new, just a random car on fire here folks.

2)      911 caller was arrested because she was banging on her boyfriend’s door and being disorderly.  So the police came and told her to leave or be arrested, so she called 911 to say the police department was being rude.  *snort*  What a jackass.  So they arrested her for misuse of the 911 emergency number.

3)      Then some 16 year old boy broke into his neighbor’s house and stole 20 bras and 33 pairs of panties from his neighbor.  Ummm…. What is more disturbing, the boy stealing panties or that this broad had 33 pairs?

4)      Then they shared some story out of the Denver airport of a woman who stripped down completely naked after she was told to put out her ciggy.  They carted her off to the hospital to be evaluated.

5)      And then a new high school opened in the valley that… get this… caters to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender kids.  I’m sorry but are you serious???  I have no issues with people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender.  Your business is your business and you are who you are, but to give “special” treatment or “special” schools IS NOT OK.  Let’s separate people even more right?  So what, gays are allowed to go to a public school but straights won’t be able to go to the gay school?  Man… seriously?  I’m sorry but that bugs me.  Having “special rights” divides us more!!!!!  And… it discriminates against all others.

6)      A health alert of some weird thing called Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is showing up in our state and 11 people have died from it.  Nice.

7)      And this gem… What kind of cars do cheaters drive?  Toyotas (men) and Hondas (women).  Because you know, something like that is so newsworthy and good to know.

Rambo Goes to Arizona!

Yes my Rambo finally got to come and see me on his 15 days of leave from Afghanistan.  It was soooo nice to have him here and get to spend time with him.  I’ve missed him so much!  It was such a long flight for him and I know he was weary from it.  He was actually on the very last R&R flight coming in and flying out of the Dallas airport.  The flights going forward will be coming and going from Atlanta, GA.  It was a big deal and on the news when his flight arrived in Dallas because of the welcoming volunteers.  They greeted every single flight coming in with troops since the start of the wars.  He got to meet the medal of honor winner who was there as well.  Here is the video of them coming in and here is the video of them leaving the other day.  He’s not in the videos sad to say but he was on that flight.

We did a lot of eating out, dinner with my parents a few times, caught a Spring Training game at the Peoria Stadium, went to the Renaissance Festival, walked around Westgate, walked around old town Glendale, went to the park in Peoria, and enjoyed a drive and stay in Sedona where we did the famous Pink Jeep Tour.  Then of course there were days we just stayed in and relaxed and caught a movie at home.

It was nice to see him smiling and laughing and being able to relax.  They don’t get ANY days off in their war deployments.  I think my favorite things we did was going to Sedona but I’m guessing his favorite thing was making a few trips to the Cost Plus World Market store!  Haha  This way he could get candy, soda and beer from different countries including Aussie Licorice.  I know he misses his home country’s eats and treats.

Now that he is gone, I have to say it blows.  I miss him and the weekend has been dull without my guy.  Thankfully he only has a few months left and will be returning to Texas.

I’ll be posting pictures of his visit on my Flickr soon.

Follow Through!

Lack of follow through is  probably one of my biggest pet peeves around.   I swear nothing boils my blood more than someone saying they are going  to do something and then not doing it.   Man it makes me want to punch you in the face!

So my tree in the front yard has grown out of control.  I mean this thing grows like a weed in the summer and it’s not a normal tree that grows “up.”  It grows “out” and every which way.  So it’s blocking my dish and it’s touching my roof, the neighbor’s roof and even curving downward and touching the ground.  I hate these damn desert trees!  So of course my HOA is having fits about it
with letters and now they have fined me.  Well this costs a lot of money to try and fix.

I call a guy who by the way, left his card in my front door just a last week for his tree and yard
service.  So this guy came by seeking to provide his services.  I call, he comes by, he gives me an estimate for the tree as well as the yard and we agree on a time and day.  So of course true to
fucking form of you people with your own bullshit businesses like this, he doesn’t show.  He doesn’t call.   And the coward doesn’t pick up the phone when I call him.  I left two messages and
nothing.  Thanks fuck face.

You know something… if you don’t have the room on your schedule or you think the job is too big for you, THEN DON’T AGREE TO THE JOB IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!  What a concept eh????

So now I have wasted my time and energy and now have to call and schedule someone else to come out to even look at it and then give me an estimate and then schedule time to do it, etc.  Once again pushing this out further and further for the HOA to fine me again.  Man…. If you can’t do something or you don’t want to do something then say so!  Over the years I have had this
problem with yard work people.

What’s Next Meth Machines?

I still can’t believe that “medical marijuana” passed here in Arizona in the last voting results.  More proof that too many damn Californians have moved to my state to ruin it.  It’s bad enough their libby ways have ruined and bankrupted their own state, now they have all fled the problems they created to move to my beautiful state to destroy it too. 
They have brought in, higher housing rates and real estate boom – which of course later crashed so hard it made AZ one of the hardest hit states in that department.  They have brought in more traffic which has made it not only more crowded and polluted but they carried with them their crappy driving skills of no turn signals, tail gating and whipping in and out of traffic like crazy.  And they brought in their votes.  Ugh.
Medical Marijuana.  Who the hell first started this fake baloney anyway??  What a croc.  Seriously.  Oh you have a bad back?  Take some friggin ibuprophin!  I get that some people out there have things like cancer but I’m sorry, there are tons and tons and tons of LEGAL, and VERY strong drugs that ease that pain.  This whole thing started with some hippie bs to try and legalize their drug of choice and hiding behind the word “medical.”
Tonight watching my local news took the cake.  They now have VENDING machines for medical marijuana.  Yes, you read that right.  They were showing how it works and that you can choose your type of weed.  Choose what type?  Give me a break.  What’s next, medical meth machines?

Arizona State Fair

I think in all of my 19 years living here I have only gone to the Arizona State Fair twice.  Way back when I first moved here too.  I never really went after that because well we all know how pricey that stuff can get.  The admission, the rides, the food, etc. etc.  I’ve always had a think for carnivals and such, not sure why I never went more to tell you the truth.
For some reason this year I really want to go.  I was looking at their site and they actually have some really good deals on admission and rides on certain days and such.  The down side is I have no one to go with.  *big frown*  I do lots and lots of things alone but the fair wouldn’t be any fun that way.  You have to go with someone.  The other side is I shouldn’t spend money on it because quite frankly, I really have none.  Every single pay day I’m broke – all of it to bills.
Figures… the one year I want to go.  gah!
They always have free concerts there and the B52’s are playing tonight.  Gah again.  They also have the Roller Derby girls doing free bouts too!  Gah yet again!  I wanna see it.  I want to get on a few rides.  I want some cotton candy.  I wanna go and can’t.  BOOOO.

Valleywide My Foot

I really hate looking up the locations for some things here in Arizona.  I’ll see a restaurant, a clothing store or specialty store and look them up online and do a search of their locations.
For those of you not from here in Arizona they call the Phoenix area the “Valley.”  They do this because of all the other little cities that technically surround Phoenix.  For example, I live on the west side in Peoria.  The west side also includes Glendale, Sun City, Surprise, Litchfield Park, Avondale, El Mirage, to name a few.  And this is just the west side of town.  You still have the east side which covers Tempe, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler and more.  I’m not even bringing up the North and South.  The “Valley” is huge.  What’s interesting is it all connects.  So honestly it seems like ALL of it is Phoenix.  This is why we are the 5th largest city in the U.S.
So nothing irks me more when I look up a biz and it claims to have “Valleywide Locations” and then only seeing a location in central Phoenix and all the rest of their locations are all in the east side of the valley like Scottsdale and Chandler.  Valleywide huh?  Yeah… not sure what your definition of vallywide is… maybe “East Valley” is what you should put on your website.  Hey guess what?  There is a shitload of people living on the west side too ya know.  Would it kill you to have ONE location over here?  Assmunchers.