Cure For Cat Mats?

I went cheap one day and bought a low-cost never heard of crap brand of cat food.  I have been feeding my cat the stuff probably around two months.  Well one day, I suddenly noticed she had a bunch of nasty fur mats on both of her sides.  Ugh.  These were big nasty ones too.

Now my cat is long hair so from time to time she’ll get one here and there and I can usually cut them out.  I don’t brush her on a regular basis like I am supposed to.  My bad.  But I never have seen matting on her like this.  My guess was the cheap food that was contributing.  That’s what I get for being cheap.

So of course I immediately switched back to IAMS brand.  The problem though is those mats.  I can barely touch them without her biting at me.  I’m guessing they hurt.  I can’t cut them out, they are too close to the skin and she won’t let me near em.  No way brushing will help.

Lola is NOT keen on groomers or vets either.  Plus I really don’t have money for them to do it.  Then I found one little forum that suggested putting oil on them and how that works.  They were swearing by it.

I decided to use olive oil.  Sure enough, two days later I found one mat on the floor and the other three got loose enough away from the skin for me to cut them out.  The oil makes the cat lick and pull at the mats quite a bit, so eventually they pull them out themselves.  She still has quite a few left so now I have to oil those.

The downside of course is now her fur is greasy as hell!  I just know she will NOT want me to bathe her.  I’ll have to cross that bridge later, right now I need to get the rest of her big nasty mats out.  At least I found something that works.



I just came across a very LARGE centipede in my kitchen.  I have been very lucky all these years in Phoenix and have only had crickets.  Seeing this nasty creepy crawly has creeped me out.  Of course I freaked, grabbed a big knife and started chopping.  Yeah then his body parts were still alive and walking.  Eeeeeeewwwwwwww.  He just wouldn’t die.  He had LARGE pinchers.  I’m a bit freaked out now and wondering how he got in and wondering if there are any more lurking in my home.  I’m not a happy camper at all.   I miss making the money I used to make.  I used to have Orkin spray my house on a regular basis.
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Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Ummm…. have you all been hearing about the recent bed bugs outbreaks lately?  Jeez.  As if we don’t have enough to worry about in this life.  Now bed bugs are making a comeback.  A major comeback.  It’s mostly hitting New York.  All those bastages flying in from other countries bringing this crap in.  We need to start body searching and hosing people down when they arrive like they do in prisons.  Then throw lice powder on em an shit like they did in Shawshank Redemption.  Supposedly these things have been on the rise for a bit now.  Cripes I heard on the news that they had to shut down some movie theatre in New York because of bed bugs.  
Yeah they say it’s mostly in New York, but don’t think for a second you are safe.  I heard at work the other day from one of the supervisors that his rep was out a few days because she had bed bugs and had bites all over her.  Yes, bed bugs!  I wouldn’t think those bastards would thrive in hot as hell, dry ass Arizona but I guess they do.  I got grossed out when I heard that.  I don’t go near that rep.  Those things hitch rides in your clothes.  This is how they spread.  I hear it’s hard to get rid of these suckers too.  The thought of bed bugs creeps me out.  Any kind of parasites do.  Blech.
These bastards are spreading everywhere!  That creeps me out too.  Makes me not want to try on clothes in department stores or go to the movies now.  Seriously.

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Cat Camp

An ex employee (and friend) of mine went away to Italy for two months and I agreed to take in her cat for that time.  He’s a real sweetheart.  He was always super affectionate with me.
Of course right now I have him in the spare room all to himself.  That’s because Lola wouldn’t be too pleased.  She’s already hissed and growled a few times.  She even hissed at me!  But… all perfectly normal.  Poor Beasy, I can tell he’s curious about Lola and wants to approach.  But I’ll have to take this slow.
I’ve had them separated like that for a few days now and rotating who gets to roam the rest of the house.  Lola gets the day time and Beasy gets the night time.  This evening I’m trying something different.  I just now switched their rooms.  Lola is now in Beasy’s room and Beasy is in mine (where I’m keeping Lola’s stuff right now).  This way they can get used to the scents of each other in privacy and without either feeling threatened. 
This weekend though, I’m going to be letting them get closer.  There will be hissing and growling but at least I’ll be home to supervise.
In the meantime, I have created a Twitter account for Beasy so his mom can see how he is doing.  Go and check it out, he’s a pretty cool dude.  heh heh heh 

Nancy Drew – The Case of the Creepy Footprints

I got bumble bees again.  *sigh* they keep re-invading my sprinkler box every spring.  You just can’t make them stop because of the scent, they are drawn to it once bees have been there.
So, I went and got some poison – this time I got some sort of powder poison and just sprinkle it around the hole they are entering and leaving from.  It worked.  The next day no bees were around.  I sprinkled the entire sprinkler box on the ground with the white powder.  I went for over kill so that it would keep all bees from coming back this season, it doesn’t rain so the powder will last.
The other morning I was leaving out my front door and I noticed white foot prints on the pathway that went across in the direction of cutting across my yard.  Uhhhh…. why would someone step on my powdered covered sprinkler box way in the corner between two walls?  The sprinkler box is in front of my dining room windows.  The footprints are big man boot soles.  Could someone have stepped on this on accident as they were trying to look through my blinds?  I have no idea.  But that creeps me out.
I would think maybe someone was stealing water and used my water hose, but the hose was undisturbed.
So you see where it’s located way in the corner.  You can see the white footprints on the walkway, but you probably can’t see them in this picture like I can.

Duck Tales (with pictures!)

I think some days ago I had tweeted how some of the ducks from the lake have been making appearances on my street lately.  It’s a sweet looking couple.  They keep showing up at the house next to mine in the mornings when I leave for work and this morning one of the geese were there too.  Weird.

Ahhhhh CHOO!

The longer I live in Arizona the more allergies I seem to get.  It has gotten to the point where it seems like all year now.  But spring?  Every year it gets worse.  I don’t know if it’s my body not being able to tolerate it that gets worse or that the crap growing in the valley is getting worse.  The symptoms always vary every year too.  One year it was being stuffed up.  Another year itchy nose.  Another year scratchy throat.  Another year my eyes burned like mad.  This year it is sneezing and running nose.
Now for the past few days I have been sneezing like mad.  My nose has been running.  What’s really annoying is taking something for it and it not helping.  That’s a first.  Usually if I take some sort of over the counter allergy meds it totally helps and my symptoms go away.  Not this time.  I go into crazy ass sneezing fits.  Once I have one sneeze, that’s it.  I’ll sneeze 100 times after that till I blow my nose.  Then 30 min later it starts all over again.
It must be allergies because last night, my cat’s eyes were watery and she had wet tear streaks under her tear ducts.  Good Lord.  You know it’s bad when your indoor cat is getting affected.