Gimme Gimme Wah Wah

You know, I have gone through some really hard times.  My friends have gone through them too.  All because of the economy exploding at the this time in 2007.  I won’t lie, it was HARD and it’s still hard today.  Myself and the friends are still going through it and scratching to get by. 

But these people, these people… they all expect everything for free.  That they all should have 300k homes and cars and boats and medical care and free college and food and clothes and not have to work their way up the ladder and so on and so on.  They cry the flipping blues that they have to pay for medical and their school and how they can’t get food stamps for cat food and on and on.  So who are they blaming?  Wall Street corporations.  Those very same corporations that supplied the computers and cameras they all seem to have to post their bullshit. 

I just don’t get it.  America is about working for what you want.  These things they are all demanding, they are NOT RIGHTS!  In this country you have the right to PURSUE happiness.  You don’t get it by asking for it!

Read this site and it will make you sick.  Then go and read this blogger who has some humorous rebuttals to them.


My New Online Crack

So my gurl was talking on the Facebook about something she just started doing and got addicted to.  So I decided to check out what she was talking about.  Some site called pinterest.  Have you heard of this?  Well as soon as I saw how this thing works I was INSTANTLY addicted too!

It’s a site where you set up various “boards” on any topic you want and then you add various pictures to each of the boards.  It’s sort of like virtual/visual bulletin boards or scrapbooking or just picture collecting or picture blogging.  Any of those fit the bill.

So let’s say you are interested in sports, you can make a board called Sports and then you “pin” photos you see online that are sports related that you like and they go into that board.  You can add your comments to each photo and others can like the photo, leave comments or “re-pin” the photo on one of their boards.  Make as many boards and pins as you want.

I’m a very visual person and it’s funny because lately I had been searching for certain pictures both online and in magazines to create some collages I had in mind for my house. And if anyone knows me well, they know that I also love themes and creating themes. I had also been searching for do it yourself decorating projects and organization ideas. I was making favorites lists and folders and such. So when I saw this, I knew it was right up my alley!!! I love the visual-ness of it. It puts all that in one place for me easily! You like a picture of a project, then just pin it and it saves the page by linking it automatically to the picture you just put on your board. Genius. I also LOVE how they make the boards look on your main page with little thumbnails of your pins (pictures). Again, I love the visual concept this has!

I even love that I was able to create dream boards for things I want to do. I made one titled “Sailing & Beach House Dreams” where I can put tons of visuals of beach houses I’d like, my desire to learn to sail, the beachy towns I’d love to live in, nautical decor, etc. etc. I love it. Again, I LOVE theming things!  This would be great for setting goals and you are a visual person.

You can plan goals, weddings, vacations, how you want to decorate your house, your hobbies, collect reciepes, art…. it’s limitless.  It’s also suggested you add a universal pin it button to your favorites toolbar so when you are surfing the web, you can instantly pin the images to your boards.  You can follow others and they you.  You can use your twitter or Facebook logins to get started and even search for friends on pinterest.   The only thing about getting started is you have to apply for an invite.  Or you can have a friend send you an invite, which I think is faster.

In less than 24 hours I already have 10 boards and 274 pins.  Can you say obsession?  Once these people become publically traded I’m going to buy stock.  Check out my boards and follow me!  Let me know if you want an invite, just give me your email address.

Say My Name, Say My Name

So…. Rambo thinks that I should reveal his name on my blog to my readers.  What say you readers?  Do I even have any readers?

We were having a conversation one day either during or right after my visit with him and we were joking around a bit.  I told him I was going to blog about what a jerk Rambo was.  He then said, “I’m not Rambo anymore.  I’m *insert his real name here*”  I thought about this for a moment and it felt kind of weird not to think and refer to him as the nick name I gave him for my blog.  I told him I liked calling him Rambo on the blog and Twitter.  But I think he wants me to use his real name.  Because then, it’s real.  He’s no longer a guy that I’m dating in addition to the other guys I dated in the past and nick named on the blog.  He would officially be my guy.  I could be wrong as to that being the reason.

Even though I am not dating anyone outside of Rambo anymore, I still like calling him Rambo.  Plus I don’t like using real names on the blog and Twitter.  I don’t even use my own name.

What do you think?

Time to Catch Up In Bloggdom!

So lots to blog and catch up on since I have been so pathetic at blogging and tweeting lately.  

Here’s a preview of posts to come in no particular order…

  • Rambo…. Real or Fiction?  The Truth Unveiled
  • We’ll Call Him Mr. El Paso
  • I’m Calling This the Asshole Class
  • The Bosshole Needs Meds
  • Say My Name, Say My Name
  • A Firey Death
  • Burglary Bastadges
  • Adventures in Rambo World – (Various Chapters Inserted Here)
  • In the Words of Fezzik… EVERYBODY MOVE!
  • I’m Looking For a Brown Knuckled Woman

Tap, Tap… Is This Thing On?

So my girl Barbi is telling me to basically get off my ass and blog some more.  That the mushy Rambo posts are too much to bare.  LOL She’s right, I’ve been a lazy blogger.  Even with a new look on the blog, which is fabulous I might add, I am still lazy.  Been tweeting here and there but lazy on that too!  I guess I need a cell phone so I can tweet more.  ha!  I’ll probably get one, one of these days.
I decided to make this blog public again and so I made it searchable in search engines again.  That may bring some new readers.  I miss getting the random comments from people who stumble upon my little world in bloggdom.  In case some of you didn’t know, I also have a Beauty/Makeup blog and also a Beauty/Makeup channel on Youtube.  So feel free to check those out and subscribe to my channel.  Yay for girly shit!
Not too much going on with me.  Still single and fabulous.  Still need to lose weight.  Still working (thank goodness).  Still looking for a better job that pays more though.  The salary I’m making now is what I made in 96 so yeah…. not really covering all my living expenses.  It is… but… I’m constantly broke and having to watch my money.  If something were to break down, I wouldn’t have the money.  The only thing I really can afford extra is my nails and makeup and quite frankly, I need to chill on that.  Buying too much makeup these days.
Haven’t done much of anything to tell you the truth.  Been living a pretty boring life these days.  This is why I haven’t blogged too much.  But.. boring is better than bad right?

A New Bloggy Look

So as you can see I changed up the bloggy-poo.  I was tired of that other layout and the Bettie Page picture inspired me.  Maybe it will inspire me to blog more too, I’ve been a total slacker on that.  I may just make the blog public again as well.  I miss random people finding my blog and leaving comments.

Like or No Like?

How weird, I noticed on my blog posts there is a little “like” star you can click on now.  Guess WordPress added that but didn’t notify me.  I never got that whole thing on Youtube or Facebook.  I guess if you are too lazy to leave a comment you can just click the like buttons.