Famous Support for Romney

Here is a list of some famous people supporting Mitt Romney.  They are actors, singers, comedians, TV hosts, pro sports, olympians and team owners.

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And in Rich and Shameless News….

Saw this on Twitter and had to share.

Alec Baldwin got $1 million from Capital One to do their commercials, then he joined #occupywallstreet to protest Wall Street and big banks.

A Fiery Death

This is old news but when some dude at work was telling me how that guy (Bam’s bearded friend) from jackass died a fiery death I started laughing.  Just the way he said “fiery death” and then I asked, I wonder if the Jackass theme music started playing as the car was burning.  Then he started laughing too.  I know, I’m a mean heartless hussy.  But hey, if you are going to jackass things like drink and drive well then….

Skating With The Stars

Yes, a new nightmare has begun.  The makers of Dancing With the Starts has started Skating With the Stars tonight.  I’m wondering how this is going to go down. 
First of all, all the judges suck.  That chick they have, ugh.  She doesn’t know what she is doing.  The old former medalist skater is boring as hell and mister fem gold medalist…. pink team drama coming.
This will be different than dancing because I’m sure we will see people fall on their butts.  No one did it in their performances tonight but I know it’s coming.  Vince Neil is one of the “stars.”  He was pretty bad tonight along with has been actress Sean Young who acts like a Stepford wife robot or something.
Aren’t there any good shows anymore?  Seems like nothing but crap on every channel.  Personally we need a “re-run” channel that plays nothing but the best old shows like Magnum P.I., Miami Vice, Cagney & Lacey, Hill Street Blues, The Jefferson’s, Thirty Something, Cheers, etc.  Even some old Sonny and Cher or Solid Gold shows would be more entertaining.


So I’ve been keeping up with Dancing With the Stars this season.  I’ve gotten pretty bored with the last few seasons including this one.  Basically I record them and then fast forward the crap out of them and only watching certain parts that interest me. 
I have to laugh my ass off that Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol is still there and goes on to the finals.  Allow me to do it now.  Baahahahahahahaha.  I frigging love it.  You know it’s not because of her dancing or personality.  Nope.  People at home who are Sarah Palin fans are voting in droves.  Once again we see Palin Power at it’s best. 
What made me laugh last week was hearing on the radio on my way to work with listeners calling in and whining about it.  Saying after the last vote off they were so upset with DWTS that they were going to boycott the show.  I found that so amusing.  How are you going to boycott a show that has nothing to do with keeping her?  Um… it’s the voters keeping her there, not the judges scores ya big crybaby.
Tonight Brandy and Maks got the axe.  You could see the shock and horror and hear it too.  It was funny to see everyone just beside themselves over the fact it wasn’t Bristol.  I was entertained.
Hey, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.  I have to endure choices made by the public when it comes to American Idol or who they voted for President so put on your big boy pants and get on with life.  It’s fun to be on the other side of it and seeing/hearing people wig out.  Even the judges are getting all pissy over it and being kind of rude in their judging of her.  Even crybaby Jennifer Grey looked all angered and disturbed.  That made me laugh all the more because I can’t stand her whiney ass on this show.
I seriously doubt Bristol will win but if she did…… oh man….  that might just make front page of the papers in such uproar.  Sarah Palin supporters are giving a giant middle finger to the entertainment industry and telling them to suck it.

Sarah Is Kewl!

It’s the only way I know how to describe Sarah Palin.  She and her family have a new reality show on TLC called “Sarah Palin Alaska” which of course features her and her family living in Alaska.  I have to admit, I had not heard about this show at all until today.  I mean, where the hell have I been?????  Oh that’s right, I haven’t been watching the news hardly at all or keeping up on Twitter lately.  So I’m in the dark on current events these days.  I heard about it on the radio this morning.  I missed the showing of it earlier and so caught a repeat this evening.
This woman is so sexy and down to earth.  She’s just like any other career wife/mother out there.  She is pretty, sexy, adventurous, smart, funny, real, friendly, goody goody – yet tough.   This woman got some serious results done for her state when she was governor.  She had the highest approval ratings of any Gov.  Even democrats in her state approved of her and the things she did for them.  What does that say??  And all the while still raising a family and having another baby.  Let’s face it, the woman is just kewl.
No surprise she broke ratings recordsfor TLC.  heh heh  I tell ya though, the show seemed really cool.  They are definitely showing off Alaska well in this, it’s breathtaking.  I also like watching her and Todd doing things together.  They went on a dangerous rock climbing adventure with a pro and she was so scared.  It was great watching her and even though she was being girly and scared, she was not giving up and she made it.  It took her a long time and it was great to see Todd looking up at her smiling.  I have set my DVR to catch all episodes!

The Controversial Art

I really love the song Alejandro by Lady Gaga.  It’s probably one of my favorite songs on her CD.  Now it’s a released single and I was curious to see what kind of video she would make for this one.  I was hoping for seeing her soft side and possibly a romantic summer type video on the beach. 
Ahhh but no.