Once Again… A MAN Invented It

Got a new iphone 4 from my boyfriend today.  I was giddy with excitement and I love him to death for it.  He got a really good deal when upgrading our phones.  He got the phones at no cost but the monthly bill went up a bit of course for the services.  I was really excited and ready to pick out some cool decal skins for it.


The little fucker arrived and I don’t like the touch screen at all.  I have nails.  At least on my Sprint Rumor Touch it let me tap the screen with my nails and it recognized or sensed the touch.  Plus I had a slide out key board thingy and could use the corner of my nails to type with both hands.  On this iphone 4 it does NOT sense my nails AT ALL.  So I have to turn my fingers to the side so that it will sense my fingers.  No more slide out keyboard so I’m typing like a drunk retard on it.  With one hand.  Many mistakes.  Having to re-type over and over and over.  Takes me forever just to get a damn sentence written.  Then… then…. THEN…. I’ll hit the “send” button like 800 god damned times and it still won’t send.  I’ve tried lightly touching, hard touching, tapping, sliding, holding, you name it.  The iphone says FUCK YOU Martingirl.

Yes I know there is a voice command thing on there somewhere but I really don’t want to have to do a voice command for every single text because sometimes it won’t be appropriate to talk out loud into my phone.

Hey high tech man nerds, do me a favor, when you invent cool shit like this why don’t you test it out on other people of all ages and sexes many, many, many times to see if others can use your invention.  Others besides people with fingers the size of a 5 year old.  Mmm k?  Thanks.

**UPDATE:  So I went into work and went on the hunt for women with an iphone or galaxy with long nails.  One girl showed me and now I’m texting much better.  I finally mastered that send button and how to touch it.  THANK GOD.  I’m still only typing with one hand so I’m still slower on this thing but everyone says I’ll get used to it and it will get easier.  Good.

Of course I love the bigger screen, the way the text conversations look and ease of getting to messages and other tools on the phone.  much easier than all the menus and hoop jumping on my other phone.  The internet actually looks like the internet on this thing compared to my other phone.  So yes, I do like the iphone.  I must have given my Rambo a headache at first when I was trying to text and my pissing and moaning.  heh.  I love you so much baby and I really am grateful.  Thank you for your patience with me.


Protected: In The Words of Weird Al… Who’s Fat?

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Captain America Strikes Again

What part of me ignoring you don’t you understand?  This jerk contacted me yet again.  He reaches out to me on LinkedIn (a career networking site) again.  His lovely message said;

“Just accept already, it won’t kill you.”

Mmm… how can I resist such a heartfelt invitation?  Because he’s asking so nice.  How about starting with an apology from the crappy way you treated me?  How about starting there?

I think he is divorced now.  No big surprise to me there because I’m sure he’s still an asshole thinking he’s God’s gift.  I just don’t get it.  Why does he give a shit I’m connected with him on that site or FB?  There is no benefit.

I’m tempted to respond and tell him to kiss off since he seems to be so dense.  But I really don’t want to.  Ignoring him for the fourth time now should be enough of hint.  I REALLY HATE seeing his name come up in my Inbox.   Man…. seriously leave me alone!

Greed + Bad Economy = Sucking Ass in a Major Way

 One of my really good friends that worked with me at the company where we all got laid off right before the economy exploded just got laid off again. By the same douchebag company too. We worked for a company who was bought by our competitor and of course got rid of all the duplication including my whole department. Those of you who know me or who read this blog often know the long and shitty journey I had to endure in being unemployed for two and a half years. The economy was so bad and still is. This friend, he was unemployed longer. I think for about 3 to 3 and a half years. He lost his little condo, his car, went into debt and could not find work other than seasonal.

He finally got a job with our old boss recruiting him to yet another competitor company in the same industry doing what he did before. He even relocated to upstate NY to do it. Now, just under 6 months at his new job, the same douche bag company came along and bought them! He got his transitional letter today saying they will lay him off in 90 days. Happy Holidays.

I really feel for him. This sucks in such a major way. I hate seeing him of all people go through this yet again.

I hate this company. All they know how to do is buy their competitors, steal all of their clients and steal all of the ideas and products. No, they can’t learn to be creative and build their own shit and make themselves better in the industry. They steal from other innovative companies that do. On top of that, they contribute to making the economy and unemployment worse in already bad times. Not to mention, they outsource jobs too.  Complete douchebags.

They are almost the monopoly in this industry now. Not good. That means they can jack up prices on business for their services and without any competition, no one can choose to go elsewhere. Creates higher prices on companies and then causing them to make cuts and lay people off and so on.

I’m all about people and companies being successful in this country. I understand it’s about profits and I do understand companies need to budget and cut sometimes.  But it’s this kind of corporate laziness, greed and selfishness to the point of overboard that disgusts me. If they were building something, creating something, and providing jobs instead of continuing to take them, I’d feel differently of course. They do this over and over and over as long as they have been around.

We need more Steve Jobs out there. This guy created and contributed, making his industry better and better. That’s how you stay on top. That’s how you stay competitive. It also drives the competition to become better and better too. It creates more revenue, more innovation and more jobs. It makes us ALL stronger and better.

Follow Through!

Lack of follow through is  probably one of my biggest pet peeves around.   I swear nothing boils my blood more than someone saying they are going  to do something and then not doing it.   Man it makes me want to punch you in the face!

So my tree in the front yard has grown out of control.  I mean this thing grows like a weed in the summer and it’s not a normal tree that grows “up.”  It grows “out” and every which way.  So it’s blocking my dish and it’s touching my roof, the neighbor’s roof and even curving downward and touching the ground.  I hate these damn desert trees!  So of course my HOA is having fits about it
with letters and now they have fined me.  Well this costs a lot of money to try and fix.

I call a guy who by the way, left his card in my front door just a last week for his tree and yard
service.  So this guy came by seeking to provide his services.  I call, he comes by, he gives me an estimate for the tree as well as the yard and we agree on a time and day.  So of course true to
fucking form of you people with your own bullshit businesses like this, he doesn’t show.  He doesn’t call.   And the coward doesn’t pick up the phone when I call him.  I left two messages and
nothing.  Thanks fuck face.

You know something… if you don’t have the room on your schedule or you think the job is too big for you, THEN DON’T AGREE TO THE JOB IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!  What a concept eh????

So now I have wasted my time and energy and now have to call and schedule someone else to come out to even look at it and then give me an estimate and then schedule time to do it, etc.  Once again pushing this out further and further for the HOA to fine me again.  Man…. If you can’t do something or you don’t want to do something then say so!  Over the years I have had this
problem with yard work people.

Get the Fuck On With It!

So I’m late.  Yeah that late.  But oh my body and mind has made damn sure that I need to feel the PMS good and fucking hard before Aunt Flo actually arrives!!!

I have never been so pissed off and upset in all my life.  Crying and snapping and ready to go into a rage like you wouldn’t believe.  All week and today especially.  I’ve cried and snapped all day.

My hormones are all out of whack and beyond my control.  You men think we are phycho well you have no idea how this feels.  Man.  It’s driving me insane.  All kinds of bullshit happening on top of it is not a good recipe.  Ever throw gasoline on a fire?

Not to mention feet and ankles swollen, cramps, I have chills but heat is coming off of my body like I have a fever.  I have even been getting dizzy spells and have NEVER had that symptom before yet… still no aunt flo.  That bitch needs to get here and get the fuck on with it!

On top of that I cannot find my Pamprin.  I am ready to fucking lose it I swear to god.