Once Again… A MAN Invented It

Got a new iphone 4 from my boyfriend today.  I was giddy with excitement and I love him to death for it.  He got a really good deal when upgrading our phones.  He got the phones at no cost but the monthly bill went up a bit of course for the services.  I was really excited and ready to pick out some cool decal skins for it.


The little fucker arrived and I don’t like the touch screen at all.  I have nails.  At least on my Sprint Rumor Touch it let me tap the screen with my nails and it recognized or sensed the touch.  Plus I had a slide out key board thingy and could use the corner of my nails to type with both hands.  On this iphone 4 it does NOT sense my nails AT ALL.  So I have to turn my fingers to the side so that it will sense my fingers.  No more slide out keyboard so I’m typing like a drunk retard on it.  With one hand.  Many mistakes.  Having to re-type over and over and over.  Takes me forever just to get a damn sentence written.  Then… then…. THEN…. I’ll hit the “send” button like 800 god damned times and it still won’t send.  I’ve tried lightly touching, hard touching, tapping, sliding, holding, you name it.  The iphone says FUCK YOU Martingirl.

Yes I know there is a voice command thing on there somewhere but I really don’t want to have to do a voice command for every single text because sometimes it won’t be appropriate to talk out loud into my phone.

Hey high tech man nerds, do me a favor, when you invent cool shit like this why don’t you test it out on other people of all ages and sexes many, many, many times to see if others can use your invention.  Others besides people with fingers the size of a 5 year old.  Mmm k?  Thanks.

**UPDATE:  So I went into work and went on the hunt for women with an iphone or galaxy with long nails.  One girl showed me and now I’m texting much better.  I finally mastered that send button and how to touch it.  THANK GOD.  I’m still only typing with one hand so I’m still slower on this thing but everyone says I’ll get used to it and it will get easier.  Good.

Of course I love the bigger screen, the way the text conversations look and ease of getting to messages and other tools on the phone.  much easier than all the menus and hoop jumping on my other phone.  The internet actually looks like the internet on this thing compared to my other phone.  So yes, I do like the iphone.  I must have given my Rambo a headache at first when I was trying to text and my pissing and moaning.  heh.  I love you so much baby and I really am grateful.  Thank you for your patience with me.


I’m Not the Average Girlfriend

A couple of months ago I had a texting conversation with my Rambo.  I kept meaning to post it but weeks of work travel took up my focus.

Rambo:  I registered to vote today.

Me:  You did?

Rambo:  Yeah I needed to get that done so I could vote in Texas now.

Me:  That’s hot.  You are turning me on.

Rambo on Another Mission

Well sports fans… my baby left for Afghanistan the other night.  Wah.  I miss him already.  He was already long distance but I was able to get wonderful texts from him throughout the day every single day and talk with him on the phone every night.  He can’t do that there so it’s back to Skype, instant messaging and email.  Hopefully he’ll have good access though.  I think he has a lot less privacy in Afg vs. Iraq with him having to be in group tents now.

Maybe that’s why my phone is not working.  It’s mad he’s gone too.

I miss miss miss my guy.

Another Reason I Hate Technology

We all know I HATE cell phones and didn’t have one till March of this year courtesy of the boyfriend.

Of course this has come in handy in communicating with him and I have liked that.  And yes, I have very much appreciated his gift.

But this thing isn’t even a year old and already the damn touch screen is failing.  I can’t do jack
on my phone, including answering the damn thing!!   No I have not dropped it, slammed it nor spilled anything on it or left it in the heat.  Nothing.

I’ll have to wait till my guy gets to Afg. And then bug him for the account info and see if there is warranty.  *sigh*  Really Sprint??  Really?

Welp, I’m Finally Going to be One of Those Douche Bags I Loathe

A cell phone owner/user.  Hahahaha  Yes, it’s 2011 and I have my first personal cell phone.  I had one once for about a year that the company I worked for at the time supplied me.  I didn’t use it too much and I really don’t count that.  Back then texting, photos and internet on phones were barely scratching the surface.  Now cell phones seem to do everything.
I have this puppy….

Cell Phone Conversational Charmer

Some dude approached me on MySpace – we’ll call him motorcycle guy.  He didn’t have too much to say but at least his email was decent.  After a couple of emails he said he wanted to take me out for a martini.  I told him to call me on the phone first to see if we felt comfortable.  So he did.
I hate drivers on their cells and this guy was talking to me while driving.  I hate that.  The conversation is distracting.
What was worse is the way he charms me.  We were basically having the regular getting to know you chit chat and then this took place.
Him:  Yeah your pictures intrigued me.  I like brunettes.  I don’t date blondes.
Me:  Oh so don’t like the Barbie Doll types?
Him:  No
Me:   I guess your type is more the Bettie Page type of girl.
Him:  Yes.  Oh yeah, she had a cute little body on her back in the day.
Me:  Well I’m afraid I don’t have that small figure.  *laughs*
Him:  Well the cure to that is to do some walking and put down the ice cream.
Me:  …..
Him:  Uh… yeah but I need to do that too.
Me:  …..
Him:  That’s why I try to hike a lot.  I usually go to… (he goes on babbling about where he hikes).  It’s good for you.
Me:  That’s nice. 
Him:  So uh… (asks some other question and just sounds distracted)
Me:  Are you in your car?
Him:  Yes.  I’m on my way to (blah, blah, blah)
Me:  Why don’t you give me a call this evening when you are at home.
Him:  Ok, good idea.  Talk with you soon.
Now I have no idea if this guy will call me back or not and frankly, really don’t know if I want to hear from him again.  But wasn’t that lovely that he was telling me about putting down the ice cream and walking?  And this is a guy who is trying to ask a girl he has never met out on a date.  Charming.
I wonder if men would like it if us women said they need to use viagra, dick pumps and rogain.

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