The Best Free Deal Ever!

So I do pay for Dish TV – it’s one of the few things I pay extra for in life along with makeup, nails and Internet.  I do have the basic package with HBO.  Well this weekend I noticed that I have one Encore channel and a bunch of Starz channels.  Now lately they have been randomly doing that with movie channels as free promotions I’m guessing.  They don’t advertise it and they disappear after a few weeks. 
Well one of the Starz channels caught my eye on the TV Guide.  It said Free Starz for a year!  Yes kiddies a year.  I think it was to celebrate their anniversary and how long they have been around or something.  A few weeks back I was getting all the Encore channels for a free preview and to be honest I wish they would have given me that package instead of all the Starz ones with only one Encore channel.  The Encore channels played better movies including a lot of stuff from the 80’s.
But hey, I can’t complain!  Free movie channels for a year, you really can’t beat that.  Clever little buggers at Dish.  They know you’ll get good and used to those channels after a year and when they suddenly go away, people will want to purchase them back.  Not everyone of course but I’m sure quite a few will.

Skating With The Stars

Yes, a new nightmare has begun.  The makers of Dancing With the Starts has started Skating With the Stars tonight.  I’m wondering how this is going to go down. 
First of all, all the judges suck.  That chick they have, ugh.  She doesn’t know what she is doing.  The old former medalist skater is boring as hell and mister fem gold medalist…. pink team drama coming.
This will be different than dancing because I’m sure we will see people fall on their butts.  No one did it in their performances tonight but I know it’s coming.  Vince Neil is one of the “stars.”  He was pretty bad tonight along with has been actress Sean Young who acts like a Stepford wife robot or something.
Aren’t there any good shows anymore?  Seems like nothing but crap on every channel.  Personally we need a “re-run” channel that plays nothing but the best old shows like Magnum P.I., Miami Vice, Cagney & Lacey, Hill Street Blues, The Jefferson’s, Thirty Something, Cheers, etc.  Even some old Sonny and Cher or Solid Gold shows would be more entertaining.

Summer Music

One of my favorite Belinda Carlisle songs.  Circle in the Sand.  I thought it was the perfect song for summer and being in love.  Pretty song.  Pretty video. “I begin baby where you end. Some things are forever….”


Sleazy Cougar Films With Good Tunes From the 80’s

It’s always kind of funny when you are doing a search for something on the internet only to find something else you forgot about.
I was looking for the movie Made in Heaven (which I love) and ended up finding A Night in Heaven.  heh heh  Remember that priceless piece of Cinema from 1983?  It starred Christopher Atkins and Leslie Ann Warren in a hot “cougar” type story.  A married college professor goes out one night and is surprised to see her student on stage at the male strip club… take it from there. 
I even forgot about the cool song that is playing in the movie.  I could never remember who sang it or what it was called and forgot all about it till now.  “Like What You See” (right up your alley Rambo) Very cool song.  Good music and lyrics.  Didn’t that guy do the Miami Vice music in the 80’s too?  I believe the song “Obsession” was the original in the film before it was re-recorded by Animotion as the commercial hit we know today.  Even the opening credits are cool with Bryan Adams song “Heaven” playing.  Good songs – sersiously surprised I never owned the sountrack.
I was laughing at someone’s comment on one of the clips that read, “Hollywood seems to have lost its knack for making primo sleaze like this.”  Nice.  I have to admit the strip scene where he kisses her is hot as hell.  Nice fantasy indeed.  Gotta say the Chris looks niiiice too. 
Funny to me that “cougar” themes is all the rage today when in the 80’s they were in a lot of movies like this one, My Tutor, White Palace, A Tiger’s Tale and Class.  I know there are more but I can’t think of all of them.
I wish I still had my Netflix membership so I can get cheesy and raunchy films like this to watch.  If anyone would have this one, it would be Netflix.


Saw this quote on Twitter and thought it was pretty great.
“Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering If they made a difference. The Marines don’t have that problem” – Ronald Reagan
I miss him so much.  *sigh*

I Got Two Toys To Paradise

Eddie Money is coming to town and doing an accuostic Christmas concert at the Celebrity Theatre.  Now this may not be a bad show to catch.  For one the tickets are only $20 – I mean wow!  2nd its at the Celebrity Theatre where EVERY seat in the house is a good one – awesome venue where you will be very close to the performer.  And 3, it would give me a chance to see an Eddie Money concert in it’s entirety. 
Back in the 80’s I got a free concert ticket in Hawaii with my boyfriend and few other friends to see him.  Of course the drunken rowdy ass crowd of GI’s rushed the stage and trashed it and got violent.  They were drunk from the double header ball game before Eddie came out.  Well after like the 5th or 6th song, Eddie took off.  I have to say that whole thing was funny as hell.
What’s even more interesting is I follow the Celebrity Theatre on Twitter and I just saw this tweet from them:
Bring an unwrapped toy to the box office and receive your ticket to Eddie Money Accoutic Christmas on Thursday December 17 for only $5.
So wow!  $5 and a new toy??  You really can’t beat that with a stick.  I’m wondering if ticket sales are down for Eddie to promote this.  Or maybe he’s helping with the economy.  Or maybe he’s just not greedy.  Or maybe it’s just not going to cost him much with him and a gee-tar on stage. 

Snap Happy

I must be in love with myself with how many self pictures I take.  Well hell, I live alone so who else is going to snap some of me?  Shoo….  But I must say, I rather like the way this one turned out.
Yeah, time for this song.  heh heh