This Little Piggy Went on a Jeep Tour

I finally got the pictures up from when Rambo came to visit.  I had most of these on facebook but I added a few more here on my flickr account.



Rambo on Another Mission

Well sports fans… my baby left for Afghanistan the other night.  Wah.  I miss him already.  He was already long distance but I was able to get wonderful texts from him throughout the day every single day and talk with him on the phone every night.  He can’t do that there so it’s back to Skype, instant messaging and email.  Hopefully he’ll have good access though.  I think he has a lot less privacy in Afg vs. Iraq with him having to be in group tents now.

Maybe that’s why my phone is not working.  It’s mad he’s gone too.

I miss miss miss my guy.

Rambo…. Real or Fiction? The Truth Unveiled!

After weeks of crappy business travel I finally got to fly to Texas and be with my Rambo for the four day weekend.  It was fabulous and I didn’t want it to end.  He treated me so well and spoiled me a bit.  We did a few things here and there and we also just relaxed.  It was pure heaven and long, long overdue.  I also had the opportunity to meet his two beautiful daughters.

After all of my work travel mishaps and delays, of course my flight to my baby was delayed too.  On the up side I was seated in between two great ladies and we had some good chats which helped pass the time.

My baby was still in uniform when he picked me up at the airport which was nice so that he was easy to spot.  I loved how excited he was as soon as he saw me and when I reached the bottom of the escalator he grabbed me and kissed me Hollywood style. Read the rest of this entry »

The Friendly Skies… Bleh

I got back Friday night from a two week stay in Santa Rosa, CA business trip.  I find that the older I get the more I really loathe air travel.  It used to be fun when I was young.  But then again, back then flying was a very different experience.
Think about it… in the late 70’s and early 80’s hardly anyone flew.  Seriously.  The only people who flew were business men, military personnel and their families and the rich.  The airplanes were hardly full (unless you went on an international flight.)
Going through security was a total breeze.  Things always got through the machines in your bags and purses.  You didn’t have to take everything under the sun off of your body or out of your bags.  You got to keep your coats, sweaters, hats and shoes on.  You didn’t have to take out lap tops (but then, we didn’t have them back then), you didn’t have to get rid of tweezers and other items or pull shit out in plastic bags and that last one irks me to no end.  Now we even have the “size” limits on toiletries which irks me even more.  Today going through security takes 5 times longer and yet only ticketed travelers get to go through.  Back in the day, loved ones could go to the gates with you or wait for you there.

Wah, I Don’t Wanna Go

My boss has not only scheduled me in back to back training classes for the next month or two but I have to go to Santa Rosa, CA for two full weeks.  I have to spend my entire Sunday traveling there.  Would it be terribly bad if I said I hate that and don’t want to go? 

What is the Big Deal?

I seriously don’t get why everyone is in such an uproar about the scan machines and the body pat downs at the airport.  So the machines can see your naughty bits.  Who cares?  One woman at work told me that if you are on your period then they can see that business too with the pads and such.  I ask again, who cares?  These people that work these machines could probably care less about you and what you look like.  Seriously.  These people are too damn busy getting all you jackasses through security as efficiently as they can with the long ass lines.  They don’t have time to stop and stare and pull their buddies over to look at you.  And even if they did, who gives a crap?  You won’t see these people again.  These people are looking for guns, knives and hidden explosives that are not metal.  Get over yourselves.
Has everyone forgot the underwear bomber last Christmas day?  The guy made it through the old fashioned metal detectors but if he would have been scanned or felt up, they would have caught him in security.  It is a miracle he didn’t blow up the plane folks.  A MIRACLE.  Just think if that plane would have blown up on Christmas day.  Our current Obama administration is damn lucky that didn’t happen and because of that Obama isn’t taking chances this year and I don’t blame him.
People were in an uproar over the security patting down a child.  Um… they didn’t molest the child, they were doing their jobs.  And YES they should be checking EVERYONE.  Old ladies in wheel chairs, kids, nuns, you name it.  I don’t care.  If it means we are safe, then so be it.  I’d rather have my child checked by security in my presence than have my child blown up.
Bill O’Reilly said we shouldn’t check everyone and a random search works just as well.  I disagree with him. 
All you people whining and carrying on about this need to get over it.  Either that or don’t fly then.  Get on Greyhound and shut the hell up.

Trapped and Strapped

Lately my car had been acting weird.  Kind of sputtering a little when I accelerated.  Of course I had $18 to my name all last week so I couldn’t take it in till I got paid.  Payday was yesterday and I figured I would take my car in this weekend or Monday or Tuesday to have it looked at.  So… I’m on my way back from getting my nails done and the car starts sputtering and jumping and the engine light comes on.  Lovely.  I made it home.  Of course I can’t drive it at this point since it’s doing that.
I’ve had this used 2005 car for about 5 months and I did purchase a warranty through the Credit Union.  The problem?  They are not open on the weekends and you have to call them first before any work is done.  Grrrrrr.  Oh well.  The dealership was booked today anyway so I booked a 7:30 am appointment for Monday morning.  They can shuttle me to work too so that’s nice.  Man…. I’m seriously hoping that whatever is wrong with it, is covered on the warranty.  I also hope it makes the drive to the dealership. 
It’s times like this I really wish I had a man to help me with this kinds of stuff.  Not that I expect him to fix the car, but just to… well…. you know.. help me with this crap.
So I’m sure I’ll be strapped for cash again here soon and trapped here in the house all weekend.  I HATE this economy.  **Oh and anyone judging me for saying I don’t have money and getting my nails done can bite me.  My nails and inexpensive makeup are the little pleasures I have in life that don’t cost too much.  I don’t own a cell and I don’t drink Starbucks so there!