Famous Support for Romney

Here is a list of some famous people supporting Mitt Romney.  They are actors, singers, comedians, TV hosts, pro sports, olympians and team owners.

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To Have Not To Hold

Ray of Light was seriously the best album that Madonna ever put out.  I’ve liked some of her older ones and some recent ones – Confessions on a Dance Floor is pretty damn good, but this one by far was the best work she’s ever done.  Every single song is fantastic and it’s hard to pick a favorite from Ray of Light.  Today I give you, To Have Not to Hold… 


Are You Listening Obama?

Someone had tweeted this from Youtube and I think it’s absolutely awesome.  I’m loving this lady.  Never heard of her but I get the feeling that we’ll be seeing and hearing a lot more from her.  How much you want to bet Hannity will get a hold of this and have her on his show before long?


Gorgeous lady with a pretty voice singing a pretty good song with fitting lyrics.  I have to admit the song is catchy too.  I think I’ve listened to it about 6 times now.  Another thing that stands out is that the song is tasteful.  It bashes without it being rude or distasteful if you know what I mean.  I like that. 
When her CD comes out next year, I’m buying it.  She is only on itunes right now.
**UPDATE:  looks like the word is passing around on Twitter about it.  The video is getting a ton of hits in the short time it’s been up. 

Summer Music

One of my favorite Belinda Carlisle songs.  Circle in the Sand.  I thought it was the perfect song for summer and being in love.  Pretty song.  Pretty video. “I begin baby where you end. Some things are forever….”


The Controversial Art

I really love the song Alejandro by Lady Gaga.  It’s probably one of my favorite songs on her CD.  Now it’s a released single and I was curious to see what kind of video she would make for this one.  I was hoping for seeing her soft side and possibly a romantic summer type video on the beach. 
Ahhh but no. 

Sleazy Cougar Films With Good Tunes From the 80’s

It’s always kind of funny when you are doing a search for something on the internet only to find something else you forgot about.
I was looking for the movie Made in Heaven (which I love) and ended up finding A Night in Heaven.  heh heh  Remember that priceless piece of Cinema from 1983?  It starred Christopher Atkins and Leslie Ann Warren in a hot “cougar” type story.  A married college professor goes out one night and is surprised to see her student on stage at the male strip club… take it from there. 
I even forgot about the cool song that is playing in the movie.  I could never remember who sang it or what it was called and forgot all about it till now.  “Like What You See” (right up your alley Rambo) Very cool song.  Good music and lyrics.  Didn’t that guy do the Miami Vice music in the 80’s too?  I believe the song “Obsession” was the original in the film before it was re-recorded by Animotion as the commercial hit we know today.  Even the opening credits are cool with Bryan Adams song “Heaven” playing.  Good songs – sersiously surprised I never owned the sountrack.
I was laughing at someone’s comment on one of the clips that read, “Hollywood seems to have lost its knack for making primo sleaze like this.”  Nice.  I have to admit the strip scene where he kisses her is hot as hell.  Nice fantasy indeed.  Gotta say the Chris looks niiiice too. 
Funny to me that “cougar” themes is all the rage today when in the 80’s they were in a lot of movies like this one, My Tutor, White Palace, A Tiger’s Tale and Class.  I know there are more but I can’t think of all of them.
I wish I still had my Netflix membership so I can get cheesy and raunchy films like this to watch.  If anyone would have this one, it would be Netflix.

Sing It

I have to say that the song “Spotlight” by Jennifer Hudson really kicks butt.  This girl has amazing talent and I like the kind of music style she has.  Good old fashioned R&B.  She looks amazing in this video too I might add. Excellent lyrics, voice and music.