I Said Yes



Coach Stalker

So in recent years I have been seriously eyeing and desiring Coach purses.  I never thought I would be the type of person who would desire $400 purses.  I used to scoff at people who did because it is way too much for a purse.  But I have to say, I’ve been salivating over them for the last two years.

At one point when visiting Rambo, we did check out the Coach outlet store and they had some good deals but after seriously looking them over.  None of the ones there caught my fancy too much.  So I was good, I walked away empty-handed, even though Rambo was offering to buy me one.  See how good I am?  Honestly, if I’m going to get a Coach purse, it has to be one I LOVE or I can’t justify the cost.

I have been in love with the Madison Patent Maggie in Plum for some time now.  So long that it’s no longer available on the Coach site.  I think it was $378 but I’m seeing it going for $200 on ebay.  I constantly drool over it and wonder if I should pay the $200 and suck it up.  But man I love this one.

The picture doesn’t do it justice.  I had seen it in person one day while getting my nails done and some other customer had it.  I kept staring at it.  It just caught my attention so much.  I love purple and I like patent so there ya go.  At first I didn’t know it was a Coach and then finally I started to wonder if it was some particular brand and then looked for the logo and there it was.  I said to the lady that I loved her purse and she responded with, “Oh yes, this is my baby.”  Can’t say I blame her.

This Little Piggy Went on a Jeep Tour

I finally got the pictures up from when Rambo came to visit.  I had most of these on facebook but I added a few more here on my flickr account.


Rambo Goes to Arizona!

Yes my Rambo finally got to come and see me on his 15 days of leave from Afghanistan.  It was soooo nice to have him here and get to spend time with him.  I’ve missed him so much!  It was such a long flight for him and I know he was weary from it.  He was actually on the very last R&R flight coming in and flying out of the Dallas airport.  The flights going forward will be coming and going from Atlanta, GA.  It was a big deal and on the news when his flight arrived in Dallas because of the welcoming volunteers.  They greeted every single flight coming in with troops since the start of the wars.  He got to meet the medal of honor winner who was there as well.  Here is the video of them coming in and here is the video of them leaving the other day.  He’s not in the videos sad to say but he was on that flight.

We did a lot of eating out, dinner with my parents a few times, caught a Spring Training game at the Peoria Stadium, went to the Renaissance Festival, walked around Westgate, walked around old town Glendale, went to the park in Peoria, and enjoyed a drive and stay in Sedona where we did the famous Pink Jeep Tour.  Then of course there were days we just stayed in and relaxed and caught a movie at home.

It was nice to see him smiling and laughing and being able to relax.  They don’t get ANY days off in their war deployments.  I think my favorite things we did was going to Sedona but I’m guessing his favorite thing was making a few trips to the Cost Plus World Market store!  Haha  This way he could get candy, soda and beer from different countries including Aussie Licorice.  I know he misses his home country’s eats and treats.

Now that he is gone, I have to say it blows.  I miss him and the weekend has been dull without my guy.  Thankfully he only has a few months left and will be returning to Texas.

I’ll be posting pictures of his visit on my Flickr soon.

Traditional Gal

This morning I got up pretty late and yet my Rambo was still up in Afghanistan.  So we were able to chat a bit on instant messenger.  I’d say 5 min. after we said goodnight, a half a dozen pink roses arrived at my doorstep.  What an awesome surprise!  They had the sweetest and heart-felt message from him too.

The roses are Beautiful light pink and they smell wonderful.  I always forgot how wonderful roses smell.  I love pink too.  I’m definitely a traditional girl and so I adore things like this.  I can never get enough and I never take it for granted.  I love you Rambo.


I have to admit I’m loving that new show Revenge on ABC.  I’m hooked.  It’s like old school night soaps like Dallas or Dynasty.  This one takes place in the Hamptons.  Nice.

It’s all about a girl whose father was framed and died at the hands of the rich and shameless.  The girl grows up and has vowed to get revenge on every single person involved.  She’s of course taking on a different identity and working on the down low with all of her evil plotting.

There are so many twists and turns it’s hard to keep up!  How are they going to top this next season?  Sheesh.

I like how pretty much the whole cast is a bunch of unknowns except for queen bee played by Madeleine Stowe.  Kewl.  I’ve always like her.  I find it kind of funny she is playing on a show called Revenge.  Some years ago she played in one of my favorite movies with Kevin Costner also called Revenge.

I was discussing the show with one lady at work and she predicted that scum Tyler was really poor and hiding it.  Then a guy I was talking with predicted that he was gay.  So tonight’s episode revealed he’s poor AND gay!  Double prediction true.  Ha!

Anyone else watching?

What’s New CopyCat?

I’m loving Pinterest so much!  I love all the sharing and photos and tips and on and on. 

One lady started following me so I followed her back.  We re-pinned from each other a bit.  Then the next day this woman totally copied like three of my boards and then took just almost all the pins I had on each for them. 

I mean…. we all re-pin from each other and we all get ideas for boards from each other… but come on man…. you have to take that many pins I had on my board and then create the same exact boards?  Seriously?

I know it’s sort of grade school and silly for me to be peeved but…  Guess I should be flattered.