Why Do People Have to Touch Everything?

This is going to make me sound like a mean spoiled beeyach but I don’t care.

When you look at someone’s engagement ring, don’t touch it.  Don’t touch the diamond, or the setting prongs, or run your fingertips across the tiny diamonds in the band or ANY part of it.

How about don’t touch it?  Did I say don’t touch it?  DON’T TOUCH IT.

Fingers are oily and dirty ok.  I don’t want any of that or your fingerprints on my nice, new, freshly cleaned ring thank you.  Even I don’t touch those parts of my own ring.  I know that sounds picky but do you really need to touch everything people?  Yes it’s real and touching it doesn’t make it anymore real than it is.  You don’t need to touch it, just look at it.


Like Father Like Daughter

I tend to repeat myself a lot.  I tell the same stories or opinions over and over.  I take after my dad.  He has said the same things over and over so I know all of his stories and rants by heart. 
Tonight I was giving Rambo the low down on that housing bubble and why it’s so fucked up.  He said, “You seem to like to remind of this often.  What are you trying to do?  Indoctrinate me?”
Yup.  hahahaha
I can’t help it.  I just tend to repeat my stories and opinions.  I’m sure I drive my friends and co-workers nuts.

A Mother’s Quote….

“I’m gonna knock your head clear off of your shoulders if you don’t do what I say right now!”
I LOVE to witness parenting in action.

Quote of the Day

Someone sent this out at work today and ya know, it’s absolutely spot on.
“There are only two options regarding commitment.  You’re either in or out.  There’s no such thing as life in-between.”
–Pat Riley

Time… Oh How It Ticks Away

In the last few years I have been fascinated by the concept of time. 
At one point, before I got laid off, I was thinking about a particular wall in my living room and how I wanted to decorate it.  I have vaulted ceilings so two of my walls are huge and roomy.  I was planning on painting the room and thinking of a decorating theme.  For some reason I kept going back to a “time” theme.  I couldn’t shake it.  I had this idea of putting up various types of clocks on the wall and on the mini shelves.  Different colors, sizes, styles. 
I got the idea from a decorating magazine and it honestly was really neat.  I couldn’t get rid of the idea.  I even thought of stenciling a cool quote or two on the wall about time to go with it.  I was also planning some great photos of me, family and friends in various pretty picture frames on the shelves too.
Of course I never got to re-do my living room and the walls are still bare and unpainted.  This is due to the lay off and time being unemployed.  I still plan to finish it sooner or later if I can make a decent paycheck again.  Maybe next years tax return.  I already have quite a few of the knick knacks to hang, waiting in the closet.
I’m still fascinated by time and for some reason it is seriously mocking me these days.  I have just started paying attention again and I feel as if I have wasted a lot of it.  I look at what has happened to my career, achievements (or lack there of), my education, my weight, my singleness, dating, how lack of finances has stopped things for me and everything else under the sun. 
I hear a constant ticking in my ear lately and it seems to get louder.  Maybe that is why I have felt anxiety lately.  All I know is I am feeling some urgency and time to start looking at things more closely.  Maybe I shouldn’t wait to decorate that wall.  I should get it done so that I have that reminder that we shouldn’t put things off, that we should do them now.  The quotes below are really good as we always seem to put off the best life for ourselves.

God Bless Amer…Socialism

Total long winded rant here – grab a tasty beverage.
So we now have NObama care passed… just barely.  It was hardly a land slide and bitch Nancy Pelosi fought tooth and nail and got the final votes she needed to be Obama’s lap dog.  That woman is so far up his ass it’s sickening.  It reminds me of the corporate world when you work with someone like that who is the biggest brown noser ever.  And it’s not even that they are a brown noser that is so bad, it’s the things they do to be the favorite, the most recognized and doing what ever it takes to climb the corporate ladder.  Back stabbing, lying, cheating, anything… and getting away with it.  These are the types of people that will stop at nothing to get what they achieve no matter how many people it hurts along the way.  It sickens me and that is what she is.
Twitter was blowing up like crazy last night with the comments going just non-stop about it.  Me included.  This is honestly a sad thing.  This bill sucks really, really, really bad and the way it was done was worse. 

Why Are We ALLOWING These People To Stay in Our Country?

So some crazy ass bitch is living in Texas and carries bombs and ammo in her car.  She threatens road rage on other drivers.  She is on the “no fly” list.  She has a history with police with this kind of crap.  She has explosive and sniper training.  Oh and she’s totally against our Middle East policy.  Shocker right?  Oh….. I’m just going to take a wild guess that she is Muslim.  You know, the religion of peace.
So I ask, why in the hell do we allow a person like this to run free and live in our country??????  I’m sorry but I’m really done with this crap and all the PC bullshit that goes along with not offending people because oooooo…. we don’t want to offend Muslims.  This is TERRORIST behavior!  Period.  What is it going to take?  Her blowing something up and killing a bunch of innocent people in the name of Islam? 
These people don’t think twice about killing us.  When they kidnap an American they cut off their heads and film it.  They celebrate it.  And democrats are all PC and against us waterboarding????  Giving them rights?  Trying them in civilian courts?  Oh for crying out loud!  I am officially past waterboarding now.  Kill them all.  I say do it quietly too.  The mob way.  Kill their ass in the middle of the night and bury them in the New Mexico desert in secret.  Take the FBI list of them and do it one by one.  Just have these people mysteriously disappear.  I sure wouldn’t lose any sleep over that.  It’s the Italian way.