Wonder Woman

The new Batman movie is coming out soon.  Not that I’m huge fan or anything but I do think Christian Bale has been the best one out of all the others.  I do miss that corny ass TV show with Adam West.  But I saw this picture on Pinterest and I quite like it.  heh.


I have wondered why Hollywood hasn’t made a Wonder Woman movie yet.  Some years ago I thought Angelina Jolie would make a good one with her large round eyes, lips, dark hair, long legs and big chest.  But she’s getting a bit older now so that opportunity might have passed.


Jalapeno Corn Dip

Since being on Pinterest I’m finding some recipes.  I know, we have the internet with tons of recipe sites that I do check out.  But pictures of things you normally wouldn’t look for pop up and catch my attention on Pinterest.

I tried this one out the other day and I loved it.  I think I loved the texture the most but this is definitely different for a dip.  I did size down the recipe a bit since it’s only me living here.  I also added some sliced up green onions to the mix as well.  Which makes me think you could really get creative and add more things like a bit of cilantro or onions, etc.

 Jalapeno Corn Dip


  • 4-5 cans white corn (I only used 2 cans)
  • 1 bag shredded 2% Mexican cheese (I only used 1/2 bag)
  • 4-5 jalapenos, diced (I just used canned and diced)
  • 1 cup fat free mayo (i used regular and just eyeballed the amount for my taste)
  • Chopped up green onions (this is my addition)


Just throw all together, mix and serve with chips or crackers.  I used those little scoop bowl tortilla chips.  Yum.

What’s New CopyCat?

I’m loving Pinterest so much!  I love all the sharing and photos and tips and on and on. 

One lady started following me so I followed her back.  We re-pinned from each other a bit.  Then the next day this woman totally copied like three of my boards and then took just almost all the pins I had on each for them. 

I mean…. we all re-pin from each other and we all get ideas for boards from each other… but come on man…. you have to take that many pins I had on my board and then create the same exact boards?  Seriously?

I know it’s sort of grade school and silly for me to be peeved but…  Guess I should be flattered.