Selling You the Kool Aid

I’ve been in sales a long time and have coached many employees but I was both amused and appalled when I overheard a sales supervisor today use this on one of their employees…

“You have to create fear and uncertainty in the customer and then they will buy.” 

Funny…  that is the same approach the Democratic Party and the Liberal Media used to get your vote.


From Helping People to Destroying People

Once upon a time unions had their place.  They have helped the lives of many and helped shaped better working environments for people.  Over the years this organization has turned into greedy, overpaid thugs who destroy everything.

Of course some people think unions are good to make things “fair” and consistently force pay raises for their members.  Businesses cannot operate that way.  They cannot pay everyone 70k a year with HUGE pensions and pay for everything to keep their business afloat.  Unions slow down profits, work productivity and progress.  They damage healthy communication between the employer and the employee.  They claim the employers are greedy (I’m not denying some are) when they are greedy themselves.  These union bosses make a shit load of money.  They make their money off the backs of the workers making them pay dues.  All the while speaking on behalf of the workers even against the workers will without a say in their own negotiations.

We are in a time where we no longer have sweat shops.  We have safety procedures, fire escapes, osha, child labor laws, work/lunch breaks, laws against discrimination, human resources departments, and on and on today.  There is NO NEED for unions.

So this whole thing with Hostess… damn shame.  The company is working in a shitty ass economy and in order to save jobs wanted to have workers take an 8% cut in pay.  They were not being greedy, they were trying to save their company and their employees jobs.  But of course the union goes crazy, has a strike and calls their bluff.  Hostess delivered by then announcing the shutdown of everything, filing for bankruptcy and liquidating everything.  18,000 people now out of work in the blink of an eye.  I would have gladly taken an 8% pay cut over being UNEMPLOYED IN THIS ECONOMY.  Guess who still has their jobs?  The union.  Nice work.

I saw this on Twitter, “Twinkies made it thought the Great Depression and World War II, but couldn’t withstand Obama.”  So true.  But then, I’m sure Michelle (tell us what to eat) Obama is very happy.

Not Quite

So the unemployment number finally fell a bit.  To quote Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction, “Let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks just yet gentlemen.”  Read this.

In a Job Far, Far Away…

I have been in a training class all week getting certified in a coaching training program with my peers and boss.  Today it went round and round if we should offer to video tape the participants when we later train supervisors in their role-plays in this program.  We kept debating.  On one side people hate it.  On the other side, is it effective even if uncomfortable.  So we thought, well let’s tape one of us first to see how it goes.  Of course no one wants to see themselves on video.  I finally volunteered.  The rest of the class left briefly while myself and the newest member of our team stayed in the room to use our newly trained skills in a role-play.

I played the “coach” role.  I have to say, I kicked ass.  It was pretty awesome.  But of course this kind of thing isn’t new to me.  I mean I’ve been through training like this since 91 and been a Training manager and sales supervisor that has had to coach employees many times before.  So this kind of thing came naturally to me due to my experience.  I am working for a company that is barely scratching the surface of effective coaching.

Later when the group came back in and watched they were all blown away and complimenting me, even the contracted trainer of the program who flew in to train us.  Even my boss was giving me major compliments and he NEVER does that.  All this time I know he has thought I was a difficult moron of an employee in his eyes since I have reported to him.  They were just in awe and I’m not exaggerating.  I have been on this team for two and half years and all of my experience and ideas and creativity are constantly shot down.  Especially by him and the senior trainer.

It felt good to finally show off one of my talents in front of the whole team and be recognized for it and not be told, “we don’t do it like that here” or him taking my ideas and changing them to be HIS way.  Not to mention the major anal micromanaging.  My boss seemed almost blown away and shocked.  I wanted to say so bad, once upon a time in a job far, far away I had your job, and I was better at it.  If it wasn’t for the economy, I’d still be doing it.

The Cold War Still Continues

I had a pretty good laugh at work today with some co-workers.  We were discussing the women’s gymnastics team at the Olympics and the convo went like this:

Guy 1:  Did you see the women’s gymnastics last night?

Me:  Yeah that was pretty awesome.  I felt bad for the Russians.  They were so heartbroken.

Guy 1:  I know.  That has to be hard to have all that pressure on you when you are that young.

Guy 2:  I’m glad they were crying.

Me:  *laughs*

Guy 1:  Why do you say that?

Guy 2:  Man… fuck the Russians.  They killed Creed.

All:  LOL

Jackasses At Work

So today we had a company potluck.  I brought in my crockpot with cocktail meatballs.  I plugged it in at 8:00 am and turned it on high.  I put a sign on it saying this wouldn’t be ready till 12:00 pm and please don’t remove the cover.  So 11:35 am I go in to give my crock a stir and what do I see?  A third of the meatballs are already gone and not only that, the god damned cover was open a crack because someone took a ladel and left it in the crock so it was holding it open.  On top of that, they used another person’s ladel and my big serving spoon was in the crockpot next to mine with mac and cheese.  What a bunch of fucktards.  Do you assholes not know how to read???  Thanks for not letting the food finish cooking.  Thanks for letting all the heat out on top of that.  And thanks for mixing the serving spoons.  Douchebags.

Greed + Bad Economy = Sucking Ass in a Major Way

 One of my really good friends that worked with me at the company where we all got laid off right before the economy exploded just got laid off again. By the same douchebag company too. We worked for a company who was bought by our competitor and of course got rid of all the duplication including my whole department. Those of you who know me or who read this blog often know the long and shitty journey I had to endure in being unemployed for two and a half years. The economy was so bad and still is. This friend, he was unemployed longer. I think for about 3 to 3 and a half years. He lost his little condo, his car, went into debt and could not find work other than seasonal.

He finally got a job with our old boss recruiting him to yet another competitor company in the same industry doing what he did before. He even relocated to upstate NY to do it. Now, just under 6 months at his new job, the same douche bag company came along and bought them! He got his transitional letter today saying they will lay him off in 90 days. Happy Holidays.

I really feel for him. This sucks in such a major way. I hate seeing him of all people go through this yet again.

I hate this company. All they know how to do is buy their competitors, steal all of their clients and steal all of the ideas and products. No, they can’t learn to be creative and build their own shit and make themselves better in the industry. They steal from other innovative companies that do. On top of that, they contribute to making the economy and unemployment worse in already bad times. Not to mention, they outsource jobs too.  Complete douchebags.

They are almost the monopoly in this industry now. Not good. That means they can jack up prices on business for their services and without any competition, no one can choose to go elsewhere. Creates higher prices on companies and then causing them to make cuts and lay people off and so on.

I’m all about people and companies being successful in this country. I understand it’s about profits and I do understand companies need to budget and cut sometimes.  But it’s this kind of corporate laziness, greed and selfishness to the point of overboard that disgusts me. If they were building something, creating something, and providing jobs instead of continuing to take them, I’d feel differently of course. They do this over and over and over as long as they have been around.

We need more Steve Jobs out there. This guy created and contributed, making his industry better and better. That’s how you stay on top. That’s how you stay competitive. It also drives the competition to become better and better too. It creates more revenue, more innovation and more jobs. It makes us ALL stronger and better.