Reading Eclipse

Finally picked up the third book in the series of Twilight, Eclipse.  Since the movie is coming out soon I figured I needed to get going.  So far I’m liking it.  I like the books much better than the movies.  I think the movies are pretty lame in comparison.  It seems to me that if you haven’t read the books the movies won’t make that much sense and they seem boring.  Plus I think all the acting is pretty bad in them.
I don’t think I’m going to give a blow by blow review like I usually do because I’m feeling lazy.  I am on the part where Jacob and Edward are talking about lifting the boundaries of each other so that they can track some vampire they don’t know who is in town and on Bella’s scent.  So I’m in a good and interesting part! 
I have to laugh at the pissing contest going on between Jacob and Edward over Bella.  I laughed when Edward intentionally breathed in Bella’s hair when he hugged her good-bye because he knew Jake was coming over and would smell it with his wolf senses.  I love how Edward laughed his ass off as he was leaving after he did it and she was clueless.  Or the part when Edward dropped her off at the border where Jake grabbed her and hugged her all affectionate, knowing it was pissing Edward off as he pulled away to drive back.  These things always make me think of that Sex and the City Episode when one of the ladies asked why men fight with each other and Samantha says, “It’s all that testosterone.  God bless it!”
Graduation is coming soon and so I wonder if Bella is going to become a blood sucker in this book yet or not.  I’m guessing the author is going to be a little shit and leave it a cliff hanger at the very end.  Having Bella get bitten and then that’s the end and you’ll have to read the next book.  Though I did like that she did that with the last book by having Edward propose to Bella at the very end.  I wasn’t expecting that.

Kicks Twilight’s Ass Any Day of the Week

Time for a new book and book review.  Want to read along with Martini Girl?  This time I’m going to re-read one of my all time favorites ever. The first book in the series, Dragon Prince by Melanie Rawn.  I have to say this book kicks major ass over any of the trendy stuff like Twilight, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.  Don’t get me wrong here, I LOVE the Harry Potter books and I like the Twilight series but this series is way, way, WAY better.  It’s for grown ups and I always thought these would make fantastic movies. 
This series would not just be for wimmen readers either, I know men would enjoy these as well.  In fact it was my 2nd love who turned me on to these.  It’s got it all.  Love, lust, royalty, war, hunting, betrayal, power struggles, scheming, passion, humor and magic.
The only thing I need to warn you about is all the character names and territory names.  There are a lot of them to keep track of and of course none of them are common names.  But once you can get used to that, the story is fab.  Another warning, it is a long one but still good, at least to me.  I haven’t read this in ages so I can’t wait to get going.  I’ll start next week.  Read along!
I’ll post my reviews in 3 parts like I usually do… chapters 1-10, 11-20 and 21-31.

Dear John Book Review

I had been meaning to post this the other day but kept forgetting.  I got through the book pretty quickly.  For the most part I liked the book, of course I like love stories and Nicolas Sparks ones to boot.
Instead of going into all what the story is about, you can pretty much read that here in a nutshell or view the trailer of the upcoming movie on it, I’ll just give you some favorite parts from the book.  One thing I’ll note is I’m sure Hollywood’s version will be different.  It already is from looking at the preview by making the leading lady a blonde.  In the book she is a brunette.  Figures Hollywood would make her a blonde. 

Dear John

I had been wanting to read the book “Dear John” by Nicholas Sparks for awhile and just last week had finally picked up the book at a used book store.  The story definitely had my interest and of course I do like Nicholas Sparks stories.  Even though he is a bastard because he just kills me with these love stories. 
Anyway I was planning on starting to read it tonight.  Funny thing though, when I went to the New Moon movie last night guess what was in the upcoming attractions?  A movie based on Nicholas Sparks book… Dear John.  What a cowinky dink.  Damn them all!  They are going to kill me with them turning around and making another movie based on one of his books.  I’m sure it will be good.  Now I can’t wait to get it cracking and start reading.
The story?  Hunky soldier meets and falls in love with a pretty girl in a very short time.  They write letters back and forth while he is deployed and well…. I’ll leave it at that.  And if any of you know the ending, don’t farking tell me!  Even though all of Sparks books tend to end the same way, I still don’t want to know.  I’m a glutton for punishment.

New Moon Movie Review

I decided on a whim to catch the 10:20 pm showing of New Moon last night.  I figured there wouldn’t be any teeny boppers there that late on a Sunday night.  Yeah, I was wrong.  Don’t these punks have school on Monday?  Kids are suppose to be home in bed on a school night.  There wasn’t too many people but still, usually a movie that I catch that late, I have the theatre to myself.  Not the case this time as there were some people scattered about in the seats.
Of course everyone was quiet and well behaved until 3 giggly teeny boppers came in late and sat next to me giggling and texting on their phones.  Thankfully they finally settled down.  But I could still hear the occasional “He’s so hot” when guy images were on the screen.

New Moon Book Review – Part 3 of 3

newmoonThis is a pretty lazy written reveiw but I wanted to get it up since I put it off.
Well a lot has happened in part 3.  The author seems to like to put all the fast paced action at the last third part of her books.  Hmmm… let’s see…. Alice (Edwards sister) is the Cullen visitor to Bella’s house because she thought Bella was dead when she saw the vision of Bella jumping off the cliff.  Then of course it leads to a misunderstanding of Edward thinking Bella was dead too.  So he was going to Italy to see this big time hoity toity vampire family to grant his wish of ending his life.  Bella and Alice have to rush off to save Edward and keep him from killing himself.  Jacob begs Bella not to do but of course she leaves.

New Moon Book Review – Part 2 of 3

newmoonDamn, I keep taking forever to post this stuff!
So….. wow!  Ok, I have to admit I’m seriously liking the 2nd book.  It’s much more of a page turner.  I’m surprised by that because Edward is hardly in it.  No passionate love story going on.  Only heartache of missing him by Bella and trying to survive as she turns to another dude.  Edward is still there though… I know good and well that is far from over.
Well Bella has gotten better little by little and no longer a zombie.  She also got much better on her motorcycle and so the voice of Edward has faded on that when she rides – she must think of something new and foolish to do to get his voice back.