I Thought Everyone Would Be Rushing to Help

sadbrideIt’s funny how after I got engaged I thought it would be more fun, as a girl anyway.  You know, the looking through Brides magazines, having a shower, making engagement pictures, registering, shopping for things like the dress, the shoes the veil, picking my colors and theme and such.  Yet it has been the loneliest engagement.

My fiancée is in another state getting things wrapped up so we haven’t been together.  Just a small trip where we got the marriage licensee together.  We were supposed to have a friend take some pictures for us during that trip as well so we could use as engagement pictures here but that seemed to not materialize after she offered to do it for us.  It was doubly sad because I figured it would be some time for her and my guy get to know each other a bit.  Had I known it was an empty offer, I would have then made plans with someone else and then I would have engagement pictures.

My mom has been sick.  So she just didn’t have the energy, desire or just feel well enough to be involved in anything.  Even though finally my mom has gotten better and has more of her energy back, she still doesn’t seem to be reaching out to do things with me about the wedding.  I call and she doesn’t call back.  She doesn’t seem to ask me much about the wedding plans or just call or email me much.  I really don’t know why.  Most of my engagement she was sick – so I did everything by myself or had my fiancée help me through long distance emails or calls in helping to pick things out.  But it just isn’t the same with him not here.

So I registered by myself at the stores.  It would have been nice to share that with someone like a friend or my mom or my fiancée.  I can’t even do anything with my future sister in law or mother in law as they live overseas.

None of my personal friends offered to throw me a shower.  A couple of co-workers from work offered and are going to do it.  It just surprised me that my friends didn’t offer.  At one point I asked my mom if we could have the shower at her and my dad’s place.  They have the perfect home and space for entertaining and she seemed to not like that idea at all and tried to get me to look at different restaurants to host the shower at.  So again, something else I was to research on my own.  Something I should not be researching for the bridal shower.  To be honest that sort of made me mad.  I don’t want my guests to pay for food when they are buying me a wedding gift for my shower so just told the hostess let’s have it at her place.  My place is too small.  That honestly bothered me that my mom didn’t want it at her house.  Maybe my mom is just too tired and old and so she just doesn’t want to do this stuff.

Then I was supposed to go hunting for my cowboy boots to wear with the wedding dress this weekend.  My friend offered to do that with me.  Sounds like fun right?  So when the time came it didn’t happen again.  So I went by myself as usual.  All of my life I do seem to do things alone.  I guess I’m going to shop by myself for my dress and veil too.  I’m sure when people come to find out I picked out my dress and veil without asking them, they’ll seem all hurt and shocked I didn’t ask them.

Maybe I’m being selfish or uber sensitive.  I don’t know.  I don’t get it.  I thought when a lady gets engaged, her friends and family gush and rush to do these things with her and want to share in these things.  I just don’t know.  I get that the world can’t revolve around me and other people have their own problems and lives and all.  I get that.  I guess I’m just mistaken about how this was supposed to go and I’m really getting emotional about it.  Maybe it’s my hormones.  Maybe I just got married too late in life when everyone is older and on with their lives too deeply.  I’m sure had I been in my 20’s maybe it would be different.  Maybe I expect too much.  Whatever it is, it still hurts my feelings.


I follow this colleague on FB I used to work with back in the day.  I love his posts and comments on the election these days.  I saw this one and had to re-post it here along with a spirited exchange he was having with one of his FB friends.  I’ve changed the names to protect the innocent.  Both of them were making me laugh. Read the rest of this entry »

Greed + Bad Economy = Sucking Ass in a Major Way

 One of my really good friends that worked with me at the company where we all got laid off right before the economy exploded just got laid off again. By the same douchebag company too. We worked for a company who was bought by our competitor and of course got rid of all the duplication including my whole department. Those of you who know me or who read this blog often know the long and shitty journey I had to endure in being unemployed for two and a half years. The economy was so bad and still is. This friend, he was unemployed longer. I think for about 3 to 3 and a half years. He lost his little condo, his car, went into debt and could not find work other than seasonal.

He finally got a job with our old boss recruiting him to yet another competitor company in the same industry doing what he did before. He even relocated to upstate NY to do it. Now, just under 6 months at his new job, the same douche bag company came along and bought them! He got his transitional letter today saying they will lay him off in 90 days. Happy Holidays.

I really feel for him. This sucks in such a major way. I hate seeing him of all people go through this yet again.

I hate this company. All they know how to do is buy their competitors, steal all of their clients and steal all of the ideas and products. No, they can’t learn to be creative and build their own shit and make themselves better in the industry. They steal from other innovative companies that do. On top of that, they contribute to making the economy and unemployment worse in already bad times. Not to mention, they outsource jobs too.  Complete douchebags.

They are almost the monopoly in this industry now. Not good. That means they can jack up prices on business for their services and without any competition, no one can choose to go elsewhere. Creates higher prices on companies and then causing them to make cuts and lay people off and so on.

I’m all about people and companies being successful in this country. I understand it’s about profits and I do understand companies need to budget and cut sometimes.  But it’s this kind of corporate laziness, greed and selfishness to the point of overboard that disgusts me. If they were building something, creating something, and providing jobs instead of continuing to take them, I’d feel differently of course. They do this over and over and over as long as they have been around.

We need more Steve Jobs out there. This guy created and contributed, making his industry better and better. That’s how you stay on top. That’s how you stay competitive. It also drives the competition to become better and better too. It creates more revenue, more innovation and more jobs. It makes us ALL stronger and better.

Tap, Tap… Is This Thing On?

So my girl Barbi is telling me to basically get off my ass and blog some more.  That the mushy Rambo posts are too much to bare.  LOL She’s right, I’ve been a lazy blogger.  Even with a new look on the blog, which is fabulous I might add, I am still lazy.  Been tweeting here and there but lazy on that too!  I guess I need a cell phone so I can tweet more.  ha!  I’ll probably get one, one of these days.
I decided to make this blog public again and so I made it searchable in search engines again.  That may bring some new readers.  I miss getting the random comments from people who stumble upon my little world in bloggdom.  In case some of you didn’t know, I also have a Beauty/Makeup blog and also a Beauty/Makeup channel on Youtube.  So feel free to check those out and subscribe to my channel.  Yay for girly shit!
Not too much going on with me.  Still single and fabulous.  Still need to lose weight.  Still working (thank goodness).  Still looking for a better job that pays more though.  The salary I’m making now is what I made in 96 so yeah…. not really covering all my living expenses.  It is… but… I’m constantly broke and having to watch my money.  If something were to break down, I wouldn’t have the money.  The only thing I really can afford extra is my nails and makeup and quite frankly, I need to chill on that.  Buying too much makeup these days.
Haven’t done much of anything to tell you the truth.  Been living a pretty boring life these days.  This is why I haven’t blogged too much.  But.. boring is better than bad right?

Thanksgiving Day Plans Update

Since my parents are in Vegas, one of my friends Lisa who just came back from Italy (the one I was cat sitting for) decided to scrap her plans to drive to California to be with her aunt and uncle and prepare a Thanksgiving for her and I.  I thought that was very sweet.  I told her over and over not to cancel her original plans but she insisted.  She said really wanted to do it.
So…. she ordered a turkey dinner from Boston Market for us to enjoy.  Not too glamorous but decent and affordable and includes turkey and the basic sides like stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls and so on.  Plus she is making some extra things like pumpkin pie, lots of appetizers and shrimp and such.  I invited my other friend from work – I’ll call her Jersey Girl but she isn’t feeling up to it.  Lisa and I were bummed but I do get wanting to be alone sometimes.  I’ll try one more time to convince her to come before I leave.
I won’t be heading over there till around 5pm because she said everything won’t be ready till 5:30 pm.  I told her not to kill herself trying to make everything so perfect.  “I know you!”  She laughed and said, yeah you sure do.  I’m the same way so I know she’s trying to make the table look nice, making sure she has enough food, making sure the house is spotless, picking out mood music and cocktails.  lol  I do appreciate the effort though.  I’ll be bringing stuff to make a salad and a coffee table book as a gift.
She has a beautiful home, she’s a great hostess and single like me.  I’m actually looking forward to spending the time there with a nice dinner, cocktails and single girl talk in a cozy house.  It was incredibly nice of her to do this. 
Sometimes I feel really blessed.  I have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.  Good friends who really care about me.  My health.  My parents.  Being employed!!!  Having my home.  And being in love with a great guy.  I will be saying a special prayer this evening with giving thanks to all of those things.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

Cat Camp

An ex employee (and friend) of mine went away to Italy for two months and I agreed to take in her cat for that time.  He’s a real sweetheart.  He was always super affectionate with me.
Of course right now I have him in the spare room all to himself.  That’s because Lola wouldn’t be too pleased.  She’s already hissed and growled a few times.  She even hissed at me!  But… all perfectly normal.  Poor Beasy, I can tell he’s curious about Lola and wants to approach.  But I’ll have to take this slow.
I’ve had them separated like that for a few days now and rotating who gets to roam the rest of the house.  Lola gets the day time and Beasy gets the night time.  This evening I’m trying something different.  I just now switched their rooms.  Lola is now in Beasy’s room and Beasy is in mine (where I’m keeping Lola’s stuff right now).  This way they can get used to the scents of each other in privacy and without either feeling threatened. 
This weekend though, I’m going to be letting them get closer.  There will be hissing and growling but at least I’ll be home to supervise.
In the meantime, I have created a Twitter account for Beasy so his mom can see how he is doing.  Go and check it out, he’s a pretty cool dude.  heh heh heh 

What Should I Do On The Berfday?

So the birthday of Martini Girl is coming up on the 10th and I was thinking of taking advantage of the freebies this year.  I have a membership to Sephora and on your birthday they give you a free beauty gift.  I think it’s like sample size so it isn’t much.  I think Red Robin gives you a free burger, Denny’s a free meal and so on.  I wish more makeup companies gave freebies like Sephora!  What else is free everyone?
Also, wondering if I should do something this year.  My day falls on a Friday.  Usually I never do anything and it’s a regular day like any other.  I kinda want to do something but have no clue what.  Not to mention most of my friends are far away *wah*. 
Any ideas anyone?  Does anyone even still read this blog?  Is this thing on?  *tap tap*